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LeTasha Howe
Boston, MA
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Bio: The Holistic Life & Wellness Engineer/Coach. I help Busy Professionals become the best version of themselves Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul!
John Huang
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Bio: I am seeking to improve to be the best version of myself to contribute to the world.
Deanne Love
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Bio: I love working with energy, intuition & becoming the version of me that I haven't met yet! I am the greatest project that I will ever get to work on.
Linda Fermin
Manteca, CA
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Bio: My name is Linda. I am looking to manifest health, wealth and love in my life. I teach yoga, and I am recently retired.
John Ramsey
• Active 62d ago
Bio: John & Antoinette People Builders
Marge Rhodes
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Bio: I am a Certified Professional Hypnotist and would love to master Manifestation!
Sudheer Dunga
India • INTP
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Bio: Techie | Marketing Expert | Loving Father and Beloved Husband!
Trina Gibson
• Active 397d ago
Bio: Making my magic happen
Anke Lindner
• Active 427d ago
Bio: I’m a singer and voice artist (Enkel Michat) I am interested in serving brands with my awesome voice and being famous all over the globe.
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Carla Adams
I am an intl best-selling co-author, a prof Sp-inger (speaker-singer), and I aspire to inspire the world with my stories of victory over deep wounds.

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Joined Feb 28, 2023
Seattle, Washington
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