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  • Clarisse Bucyana Uwamahoro
    • Active 3h ago
    Bio: Pivoting to Data Science from Market Intelligence
  • Eric Teal
    • Active 18h ago
    Bio: Eric is an Logistics professional seeking a transition into a new career. Excited to network with individuals who push themselves to be great!
  • Carrie Ferguson
    Fort Worth Texas
    • Active 1h ago
    Bio: Customer Experience Associate
  • Kseniia Shevluk
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: Strategic Product Leader with Pre-seed Funding Success • Top 10% YC Startup School'22 • Ex-Advisor to the Board of Directors Unilever Rus 2018-19
  • Tomas Mejia
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: Enterprise software sales professional with expertise in Sales Performance Management Workforce Management, and Contact Center /Unified Communications
  • Shakeir Ahmed
    • Active 1d ago
    Bio: Product Manager
  • Analyssa Martinez
    • Active 6d ago
    Bio: Recent graduate from Texas A&M International University looking for a career spark in Death Investigation and Forensic Science related careers.
  • Rudo Banda
    • Active 24h ago
  • Maddie Wilson
    • Active 5d ago
    Bio: Social Media Marketing professional navigating the job search! Finding comfort in building community and networking :)
  • Zahid Saddique
    • Active 3d ago
    Bio: I'm a business analyst in the tech industry with 10 years of experience currently searching for my new role and looking to get paid what I'm worth!
  • Ananthi Krishnamoorthy
    • Active 2h ago
    Bio: Health professional with diverse experience and enjoy learning or discovering new knowledge.
  • Bradley Cook
    • Active 13d ago
    Bio: Doing my best
  • Darshan H
    • Active 16d ago
    Bio: Learn
  • Kristina Kozhevnikova
    • Active 13d ago
    Bio: I am a business analyst with 3+ years of software development experience and I am looking for a great team and strong leader
  • Suman Ram
    • Active 16d ago
    Bio: GTM Expert
  • Mai Doan
    • Active 7d ago
    Bio: A lifelong learner.
  • Priya Priyankaa
    • Active 16d ago
    Bio: Hi I'm Priya from Malaysia.
  • Muthukumaran Azhagesan
    Bay Area California
    • Active 17d ago
    Bio: Software Consultant(Java, SAP, iOS), Inventor
  • Souky Dolinsek
    • Active 14d ago
    Bio: I'm an experienced intrapreneur and entrepreneur. I'm passionate about creating solutions that support the future of work and foster a growth mindset.
  • Gonzalo Alcaraz
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: Senior Software Engineer with a love for Blockchain and growing startups from zero to heros.
  • Ignacio Garcia del Valle
    • Active 17d ago
  • Bessmarie Moses
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: I absolutely love people. I'm an HR & Operations leader with 25 years of professional experience in the film, publishing, and media industries.
  • Peter Zience
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: Former engineer, PM, entrepreneur. Aspiring VC.
  • Julie Schmitz
    • Active 21h ago
    Bio: Former New Yorker, lived abroad and in CA, now in FL. Passionate about branding and marketing. Inspired by redwoods and the ocean. Artist at heart.
  • Thomas Pham
    • Active 2h ago
    Bio: I'm very passionate about all things ecommerce from marketplaces, retail, DTC. I've worked in a CPG/fashion/electronics for 12+ years.
  • Sangeetha Ramkumar
    • Active 20d ago
  • Sarah Docherty
    • Active 17d ago
    Bio: I'm Sarah, a Senior Programme Manager with over 20 years’ experience within a large professional services firm.
  • Trinnie Cortez
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: I am an innovative and passionate servant leader with experience in creating and leading strategies for companies ranging from start-up to fortune 500
  • Ivonne Loyola
    • Active 21d ago
  • Giselle Alonso
    • Active 7d ago
    Bio: Hi, I´m Giselle
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