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Erin Gillogly
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Bio: Hi
Roland Tamini
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Bio: M
Joseph Huson
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Bio: Dedicated Mentor & Leader · Musician · Husband · Father
Jessica Atkinson
• Active 28d ago
Bio: Hi, my name is Jess!
Anuraag Ch
• Active 242d ago
Michelle Maalouf
• Active 193d ago
Bio: 11 years of MarComm experience in B2B/B2C tech and corp, globally.
Dora Czeczotka
• Active 248d ago
Bio: I love the beach, yoga, and my pup Lola reminds me daily to live in the present moment.
Shauna Bott
• Active 233d ago
Bio: Project Manager with 18 years under my belt. Successful in software development and software implementations. Created the art of being "Pol-itchy"
Hugh Hairston
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Mary Jacobsen
• Active 249d ago
Bio: Over 20 years Program/Project Manager experience in managing the project life cycle and overseeing all phases of a project.
Alicia Perkins
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Bio: Empowering leaders to escape the rat race & redefine their careers so they can increase their income & impact without sacrificing their life.
Alexandra Tadros
• Active 254d ago
Bio: NYC-based Writer, Facilitator, and Project Manager for Good.
Chaz Posey II
• Active 197d ago
Bio: Looking to learn new strategies and techniques on how to successfully navigate a revised career plan in order to grow professionally.
Yvette Bassan
• Active 258d ago
Bio: Marketing leader with 15+ years of product marketing and GTM experience, spanning B2B SaaS and B2C tech companies.
Mahsa Soltani
• Active 271d ago
Anurag Bhatnagar
• Active 271d ago
Deirdre Killebrew
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Danielle Russell
• Active 114d ago
Bio: Product professional excited to start my next role.
Tobias Fuerst
• Active 272d ago
Bio: Manager BD for Greentech
Fay Shaw
• Active 243d ago
Bio: Data scientist | PhD Engineer | Using big data to solve local problems
Valentina Palacios Velasquez
• Active 279d ago
Jill Grant
• Active 271d ago
Bio: My purpose is to help others grow, learn, and lead by example, and I embrace challenges and opportunities for growth.
Eunji Kim
• Active 282d ago
Bio: Aspiring Data Scientist, part time hand model
Ryan Monahan
• Active 143d ago
Bio: Strategy & operations and business development & partnerships specialist with 11+ years of experience scaling companies globally.
Meghna Shah
• Active 286d ago
Jihane Mochamad
• Active 284d ago
Bio: Professional Accountant
Jonathan Stanley
• Active 289d ago
Bio: Senior investment strategist with formidable experience managing billion-dollar portfolios
Juhi Babu
• Active 33d ago
Bio: Hi, I'm Juhi! I'm looking for a role in Strategy & Operations. Look forward to connecting!
W Sandy
• Active 291d ago
Bio: Nonprofit seeker.
Nam Pham
• Active 289d ago
Bio: Sr Supplier Quality Manager in the aerospace industry looking to pivot to the clean energy industry
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