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Introducing myself
Must say this is wildly out of my comfort zone - not the breathing ;) - but the sharing. I normally dont share anything on social media or online, not so good when wanting to share your light. Breathing slowly as I'm feeling excitement shadowed by fear and imposter syndrome. Heyoo✌ So, introducing me. Camilla is my name and I am from the beutiful place called Norway. I'm excited and grateful to start my certification program tomorrow. Sigh... of relief. Thank you for reading. "You are me, I am you - we are made for eachother"
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@Jordi Elvidge Thank you:)
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@Emma Dorn yes we are! Thank you for the welcome and sharing🙌
The ups and downs
Hello all! I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to share. I had such a profound journey yesterday, I laughed so hard I cried even before we even got into it. I cried and laughed and all in between. And felt like I was glowing afterwards. But when I came out of it I felt myself irritated and sad, and today was a really hard day. I just lost my mother so I know stuff is processing. I haven't used facebook since like a week after she passed because of all the messages and pictures coming up. I dont have any questions or anything, just wanted to share. I have always had a somewhat blocked vishuddi chakra, best of listeners but not much of a sharer. So I challange myself to share so that I can release blockages from my throat. Haha crying as I write - I've been doing that for the last two weeks. I welcome it, I know its here for a reason, sometimes i just feel like a little girl and i really miss my mom. I miss her hands and her laughter. Most of all her hugs. I'm just sad that I couldn't share this with her, I cant help but feel things would be so different if I did. Thank you for reading. ❤
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Hey everyone, I’m Leanna 👋🏼 breathwork facilitator and mother of two teens from South Australia 🇦🇺 I am SO excited to be extending my training and deepening my work to become a Breathmaster with you all. When breathwork found me during my nervous breakdown recovery 4 years ago I never DREAMED I would be holding space and taking woman on transformative journeys myself. But here we are, freshy back from Bali where I filmmed content for my new website about to be relaunched and ready to make even more of an impact on women’s health and well-being. Im so excited. Let’s do this. 🥳🫁 This is where I hang. Come say hi
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Hey Leanna! It feels so good that you are succeeding- thank you for sharing. Found you on your hang spot, excited to see your work!
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@Leanna Bishop thank you🥰 Yes! Just did the student activation journey, it was inspiring. I saw some of your posts, you give of a warmth and have a clarity in your voice, your mission. Also very inspiring 🙌
Canine Breathwork???
I was able to lead a client and her therapy dog on a journey yesterday. I have never even thought of having a dog sitting in. The client wept through deep release in a journey entitled, " Conquering the fear of being hurt". It was beautiful. We talked at the end as she spoke of trauma as a young woman and she mentioned that the dog had some trauma as a puppy and is terrified of riding in cars. We commented on how we wondered what a journey is like through a dogs eyes. She called the moment she got home and instead of crying all the way home the dog slept peacefully! Seriously, you can't make this up!!! Needless to say Ruthie the dog is coming to the next session!
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@Joyce Harris amazing. This opened a whole world for me. Thank you😁
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@Joyce Harris very interesting questions. I remember seeing something from the heartmath institute about heart resonance with dogs but using coherent breathing. Will you keep us updated if you have more experiences like this? 🙏
Subtle reminders.
Heard some thing in a podcast the other day. About how we think the past will dictate the present, but actually what we do right here in the present can actually dictate our past 🤯 .. just reminded me the power of breathwork. 💜
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Very interesting. Can you tell me the name of the podcast? I can't seem to open the link. Thank you for sharing🙏
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