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Zeke Soignier
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Bio: Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Leader.
Saad Mansuri
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Bio: Striving for a better tomorrow. Investing in myself to grow my potentials.
Cameron Carpenter
North Carolina
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Bio: “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” Otto von Bismarck
Amelie Polk
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Bio: If you believe you're far away from something, you will position yourself that way.
Amandeep Singh
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Bio: Hey everyone I am excited to be here, to learn and get to know you
Bryndon Preston
Carmel, Indiana • ENTJ
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Bio: Bryndon is passionate about gratitude, sharing positive stories, and random acts of kindness.
Jordan Ricotta
Austin, TX
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Bio: Sales Rep | Book some calls with me here:
Kyle Barrett
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Mary Waceke
Kingston Ontario • INFP
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Bio: Htc
Jack Claycamp
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Bio: Ready to learn more about sales/closing
Carter Crawford
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Bio: Young and hungry
Broc Barton
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Bio: “Obsessions gonna beat talent every time. You got all the talent in the world but are you obsessed?”
Sam Konzem
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Rigo Mendoza
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Bio: Blessed and grateful to be here. God's Speed.
Mason Burnett
Salt Lake City
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Bio: Coach | Sales & Fulfilment Professional | Fitness, Fashion, and Auto Enthusiast
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Cameron Stadel
Cameron Stadel, 18 year old. Just trying to learn.

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