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Paulette Hamel
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Bio: SecondACT impact: Empowering entrepreneurs to leverage automation so you have more time to do what you love, w people you love, from places you love
Howie Lee
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Bio: Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Agency & Facebook ads expert
Janis Rowell
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Bio: I drive trains 🚂, and love writing, drawing, and creating.
Rachel Gaia
Melbourne, Australia
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Bio: Helping women with a burning desire to share their message & expertise, to build-brand-launch a reliably profitable, dream online business & lifestyle
Aurora Siren
San Francisco
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Bio: Siren Wealth - Create the Life & Legacy You Want Wealth • Real Estate • Investor • M&A • Emerging Tech • Behavioral Influence
David Young
Poole, UK • ENTJ
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Bio: I get hyper-premium prices for Entrepreneurs wanting to sell & Exit, without wrecking retirement | M&A Expert | Great 25-year track-record for sellers
Mike Weiss
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Bio: I​ ​help biz owners/execs eliminate frustration of not scaling sales on LinkedIn. My system generated +310,000,000 views of clients' LinkedIn posts.
Dean Badcock
Minehead, Somerset • ISFP
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Bio: Empowering Generation-X men to thrive in life despite the challenges associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Christian Alexander
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Bio: Men’s Freedom and Development Coach Business Builder || Entrepreneur || Author || Speaker
Adam Halpern
Houston, Texas
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Bio: Life & Business Advisory Services | Sales Strategy and Tactics
Billy Mitchell
Santa Maria, Ca
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Bio: Husband, Father, Grandfather Helping Empty Nesters and soon-to-be Empty Nesters, reignite intimacy & deepen connections in this new phase of life ...
Ujjal Bose
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Bio: Dog Lover | Dad | 2min noodle chef I want to live in a world where only you & I exist - Alladin
Nalinkumar Morjaria
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Bio: Nalin Morjaria Psychologist working as a Parenting Coach Making parenting easy and enjoyable
Dennis Jones
Phoenix, Arizona
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Bio: Extraordinary Real Estate Broker, Founder of R.A.R.E. Agents, Author of 62 Tips for Real Estate Professionals, and Creator of The RARE Agent CRM.
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Bruce Fleck
Author, coach, and course creator.

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