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Here's how to COMPLETELY automate your business...
I've seen a lot of people who are looking to systemize their businesses, but they don't even know with what Don't just fill into the hype of automation, "What videos can I watch to automate my business" It doesn't really work like that, there's no such thing as a fully 100% automated business You can definitely utilise AI to automate 80%+ of the tasks which take up most of the work, but how? Well, first things first, analyse the different tasks that are being utilised in the business Do a bit of reverse engineering, have a look at the client's journey, from the time they first see your brand to the time that they buy, to the time that they buy again Track the steps of each pathway, and ask yourself is there anyway that I can improve this, make it more effective, and most importantly automate this Once you know WHAT you want to automate, then research becomes a lot more easier, and you begin to know what exactly it is that you want to gain For example, In one of the companies I manage, we sell a high-ticket coaching offer, but in order for us to sell to them, they have to go on a call first with our sales closers I created a system that qualifies the lead before it even gets to the sales closer, why? Well, that way you've saved yourself a lot of time, because now only the people who you are targeting will book a time slot You definitely don't want to bring someone on a sales call, and they don't even have the money, you've just wasted everyone's time So, your job is to first look through your whole company and see what processes are going on at the moment, and THEN you can start to look for systems and automations That's my advice, Muhammad x Let me know if you guys agree or disagree :)
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Your knowledge is impressive 👌
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@Muhammad Axmed I am indeed sir
Instagram Growth Mindset
The Key to grow on Instagram is Mindset. My father started his business at the age of 20 And He was successful at the age of 40 If he had given up at that time, then he wouldn’t be successful at all. So you should have a mindset To be consistent Not just for 1,2 or 3 years But for a decade As it’s a long-term game And the people who are at the top are the ones who have been doing this for years. They didn’t become successful in just 6 or 12 months. They constantly worked on their skills, enhanced them, and reached the top with a positive mindset. See you at the top.🚀
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LOVE THIS. Show up every day, constantly improve, play the long game... you always WIN.
Some kind input please
This is a potential client. I’m giving him away a FREE funnel design and this is how it’s going. Some feedback would be encouraging right now. I’ll take whatever but constructive helps 🫶🏼
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It looks fantastic! Very sleek, very modern. Well done
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@Victor Alexander I'm building a landing page for a course creator, currently I'm still in the free work phase which is okay, I'm not in a rush to make the cheddar, I just want to get really good for now
Stuck with your Instagram Growth
Stuck with your Instagram Growth. Read this We often blame the Instagram Algorithm for not growing our page But the problem is not the Algorithm. After talking with over 100 business founders I have found these three things as a core problem. Not Enough Content. Not Enough Value in the Content. Not Analysing Your Mistakes. Tell me How many Reels have you posted? 10,20,50 - that’s not enough Make it 300 and provide value in each Reel, If it doesn’t work I’ll work for you for free. And with each Reel Analyse which reel performed well and create more content around it. And Answer these questions before creating content Is this the right platform for me? Do I know my target audience? are they here? Have I given 100% focus on growing my page? Am I improving with each piece of content? Are you following what others are doing? Are you trying something different to grow your page? Comment Below your Answers. And the best one will get a free consultation call :D
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Wow. Tremendous value and I enjoy your writing style 👌
Need help
If a coach have a website for his coaching program so how can I offer him a Funnel design? How should I convince him to transit his website into funnel?
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@Mousumii C Devi Actually, could you explain the difference, please? I don't think I fully understand so this is a good opportunity to clarify, if you don't mind
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