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Daneya Zambri
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Bio: Licensed Real Estate Broker since 2015, specializing in commercial and residential sales. Owner of Vanya Decor Inc a multifaceted interior design firm
Paolo Abate
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Bio: CEO, HAVEN Developments
Diana Avram
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Cheryl Robb
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Dorian Rodrigues
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Bio: Real Estate Broker in Toronto
Alexander Lougheed
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Bio: Development Land and Investment Property Specialist based in Vancouver
Carl Krikorian
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Bio: Niagara Realtor
Ethan Ashby
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Bio: Ethan
David Anderson
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Bio: Serving Toronto since 2008. Expert in family homes & luxury real estate. Passionate about nature, culture, and the city's vibrant neighborhoods.
Trish Lewis
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Bio: Sales Representative GoWylde Team RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.
Chirag Vasani
Toronto, ON
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Bio: REALTOR , RE/MAX Ultimate
Irma Devia
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Bio: 18 years of residential sales and leasing in Dufferin county, GTA and Toronto. The Starke Group | RARE Realty
Sagal Hachi
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Bio: Humble - Curious - Hungry
Alexandra Moore
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Bio: Passionate about real estate, specializing in both the residential and commercial industry. I love to build connections & relationships! let's chat:)
Krystal De roche
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Bio: .
Saghi Elahi
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Jennifer Berry
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Bio: A 14-year realtor, she's worked on HGTV shows and won multiple RE/MAX awards.
Lana Pontello
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Jeffrey Cheng
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Bio: Rare Real Estate
Marc Rosati
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Bio: Toronto Realtor
Raph Zapata
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Bio: As a newcomer to the real estate industry with a solid background as a mortgage agent, I am passionate about learning and growing in this space.
Tealyah Gordon Campbell
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Bio: Avant Group - Rare Real Estate
Ajanta Sivanesparan
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Bio: I’m a career business consultant, leaning into my passion for real estate at RARE Real Estate! Looking forward to engaging with this community.
S Phani
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Bio: On a mission to scale my business to 1M / month by 2025 Feb
Vany Kilyana
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Bio: Realtor | Real Broker Ontario
Cole Neophytou
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Bio: President of Crane Realty Toronto, Canada
Victoria Lambert
Calgary Alberta
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Bio: 🏑 Calgary, AB & Chestermere, AB.
Curtis Yim
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Julian Mazirhx
los angeles, california
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Bio: MMA Fighter, Acquisition master, and day trader! FREE $1.2M case study -Blow up a Mastermind from scratch to 5k per day in 14 days for free!
Brandon Achaibar
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Bio: Helping as many people and having fun along the way
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Brett Starke
Toronto Realtor helping others build their community and referral network so we can all achieve our quest of financial & time freedom! 🏰

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