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Laurens Desmedt
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Bio: ;)
Jen Auh
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Bio: Founder @ Style Konsult & STYiLES | Image Consultant | Bestselling Author | Empowering you to become the best version of yourself
Miguel Hernandez
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Bio: I'm from Mexico, I'm 37 years old. I am a lawyer but I would like to study finance or economics.
Bijan Izadi
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Bio: Grow your skool with Content Need me to do it for you? Talk to me!
Joren Desmedt
Belgium • ENTJ
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Bio: I help Belgians make money online with Skool. 🇧🇪
James Deter Jr.
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Bio: Passionate leader of Skool's technical writing course. It changed my life; now I aim to inspire and empower others through the power of communication.
Jon Pugh
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Bio: I Can Teach You How To Turn Your $150 into $5,500 in Just Two Hours Text Me For More Inform TEXT NO: (503) 877-3712
Daniel Well
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Bio: Building an ed-tech startup.
Maison Slash
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Bio: Online magazine/community/media for parents
Raymond Nagel
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Bio: ...
Mike Heijstee
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Bio: Organisatie Besturing Expert. Helpt middelgrote bedrijven om doelen te realiseren.
Stefanie Vanlerberghe
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Bio: I help companies in there growth.
Tom Lefere
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Bio: Doel om het efficiënt sukkelen de wereld uit te helpen
Lieselot Vossaert
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Bio: .
Yolanda Reincke
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Bio: x
Tom Renders
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Bart Slechten
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Bio: Preventieadviseur/zaakvoerder Preventor
Stijn De Laet
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Bio: Helping other companies to improve their prevention.
Tim Claes
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Bio: Hands- on & self made entrepreneur. Passionate in Safety. Interested in connecting with new people & cultures.
Koen Wauters
Aalst • ISTJ
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Bio: Zaakvoerder Partheas (
Yassine Hamdan
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Bio: NVT
Sandy van Aert
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Bio: Sandy neuropsycholoog/executive coach
Marjolein Reitsma
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Bio: Loopbaanpsycholoog
Jules De Ryck
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Bio: - Head of Consultancy @ Bloakes - Utrecht, Nederland - Interesse in hoe mensen onbewust beslissingen nemen
Jules de Ryck
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Bio: Applied neuromarketing research for sales and marketing.
Miguel van de Bilt
Den Bosch
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Bio: Helping Young Marketeers into the free-work lifestyle @ IKONS
Marie Van der Hauwaert
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Bio: Helping you to find your way through all the food (mis)information
Erik van Ginkel
Antwerpen • INFP
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Bio: Managing Director IKONS
Kris Leyssens
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Bio: founder at JK Academy
Jan De Kimpe
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