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Sam Konzem
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Roi Zen Rollins
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Bio: Sales enthusiast The power of mind creates a new reality
Amandeep Singh
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Bio: Hey everyone I am excited to be here, to learn and get to know you
Julie Aponte
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Bio: Looking forward to seeing some great results and making new friends! Love to travel and health related activities!!!!
Jian Kirstine Tupaz
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Bio: I won’t let my limiting beliefs stop me from moving forward
Lynn O'Donnell
Wichita, KS
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Bio: Passionate about family and helping others succeed.
Brandon Lieu
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Bio: Completely new to sales!! :)
Lenore Providence
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Bio: "If it's to be, it's up to me" Changing careers and looking forward to living my best life! BOOK A CALL:
Sebastian Boord
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Bio: Looking to learn and grow as fast as possible.
Daniela Quintana
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Bio: Just a free spirited entrepreneur looking to change the world one day at a time. 25 years working with children, but ready for a change. :)
SueEllen Naegle
Denver, Colorado
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Bio: I enjoy learning, growing and empowering others to get out of their own way to live the life they are dreaming of living!
Caleb Mackey
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Bio: I am here to make money and friends
Philip Cobb
San Diego
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Bio: Event organizer and bartender turned high-ticket sales pro. Passionate about growth, innovation, and making work both successful and enjoyable.
Crystal Garcia
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Bio: Can't wait to connect and learn with you all :)
Garvey Young
Washington, D.C
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Bio: One day at a time
Josiah Cariou
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Bio: ..
Peter Thorpe
Medellin, Colombia
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Bio: Hi my name is Peter Thorpe. I have a decade of experience as a Senior Software Engineer and now I'm looking to switch careers into remote closing.
John Rose
Kalamazoo, MI
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Bio: NLCA Closer 💪 Avaition Rescue Swimmer Veteran Owner RPT Fitness LLC
Esteban Gonzalez
Atlanta, GA
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Bio: On the way to achieving: Multi-6 figure remote income, Killer body and great health, Global network (of killers), & Means to inspire others
Cameron Olivieri
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Bio: Hi I’m Cameron, 26 year old Australian digital nomad, PR of the US, content creator for @jessthelovecoach
Holland Romero
San Diego, CA
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Bio: I recently retired from 22 years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams. I’m ready to use my experience to inspire others to pursue and achieve their goals!
Kelvin Jennings
New Orleans
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Bio: Here to learn and grow
Daniel Quiroz
Los Angeles, CA
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Bio: Live. Learn. Laugh :)
Blaine Baldwin
British Columbia
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Bio: I live in Western Canada with my wife and daughter and am excited to learn from this community and program!
Christian Carreon
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Bio: Remote Closer intent on becoming better and continuing to be of service to others
Ian James
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Bio: young man
Rudy Del Rio
Phoenix, AZ Area • ENFP
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Bio: Wife and 3 sons. Former Marine. General Contractor.
Claudia Kisielewicz
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Bio: “Your greatest strength is love. Your greatest weakness is fear.” — Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Mitch Harris
Phoenix, AZ
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Bio: Client Success Manager at
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