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Aaron Farrell
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Bio: Appointment Setter
Luke Dobson
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Bio: Owner of the Followers To Fortunes Strategy, helping local based service businesses dominate their market
Trevor Sinclair
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Bio: Connect with me on X:
Garret Thrower
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Bio: 123
Noah Burton
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Bio: Just a guy who knows a little something about stuff
Nick Lomahan
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Bio: Sales
Fardeed Ahsan
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Bio: .
Jordan Worth
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Bio: CA Closer
Luka Klaric
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Bio: Currently in sales, always looking to learn new things!
Connor Grant
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Bio: Leading a team of sellers who help authors get published and promote their books
Danny Smith
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Bio: Always on to better things.
Farris Alston
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Alex Penunuri
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Bio: I Build Custom, Full Service, DFY, High-Ticket, Automated Client Acquisition Systems
Trou Johnson
United States
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Bio: I
Jon Browne
Raleigh, NC • ENTJ
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Bio: Building Quest for Craves
George Diversiev
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Bio: Dad of 3, love to read, love to learn. People are crazy, love them anyway. Love to help people, love selling.
Wiktor Domasat
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Bio: Just another sales bro
Derrick Chu
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Bio: Co-Founder | Day Trader | HT Closer
Jacob Greek
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Bio: Home Services Offer + Recession = Printing Cash
DeAvin Rencher
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Bio: 5 years of sales experience in both B2B and B2C
Abijit Basra
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Bio: Toronto. Striving for greatness.
Benny Big Bags
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Bio: Sales | Hiring Reps
Sham S
Toronto, Ontario, Canada • ENTJ
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Bio: -
Zac Repinski
St. Petersburg Florida
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Bio: I teach You how to Leverage Credit to Scale Your Business & Travel the World 💳
Collin Stemmerich
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Bio: sales as a service
Brandon Scott
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Jon Karimov
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Bio: Father. Husband. Sales Pro.
Bijan Kazemi
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Bio: Westlake Village, CA
Louis Maciel
San Francisco • ENTJ
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Bio: The Man in The Arena / Setter NGT Academy / Connect With Me On LinkedIn 👇
Mauricio Garrido
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Bio: Sales Striving for greatness
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