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Everestus collins ejike Onah
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Khin Maung Aye
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Bio: Love what you do or Do what you love! I love Trading.
Francis Macharia
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Bio: Newbie
Sandro Meladze
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Bio: Hi, My name is Sandro and I'm eager to master trading with all of you :)
Anwar Nishthar
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Bio: Totally new in Trading, knew basics, having hustled through so many stuffs and failed, wanna try this as a last resort before returning to 9 to 5 life
Asfand Khan
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Bio: Always On Student
Peter Johnson
Sydney, Australia • INFP
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Bio: I know enough to know that I don’t know
Sahil Trader
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Bio: A Trader
Robert Turner
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Bio: Man on a mission
Chris Van der Walt
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Benjamin Ong
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Bio: CEO at Authentic Advisory Systems
Pradip Thapa magar
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Bio: need to learn more
Zee Allen
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Bio: Seeking constant improvement & growth
Mr Tamil
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Bio: pain is gain
Md Meraj
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Bio: just be in a 1%
Jonathan Cummings
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Bio: Recently left the 99% club to be apart of the 1% 😉
Dino Olegario
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Bio: Hi my name is Dino. Hopefully I can learn a lot and have success in the FX market and build relationships. Cheers
Sansao Vieira
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Bio: I'm angolan, from Africa, but now I live in Brazil, and Iam join here to be better ever.
Timothy Williamson
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Bio: New to Forex and keen to learn how it all works
Triston Robinson
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Bio: Freedom
Mohammed Shehzard
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Bio: Hello everyone I would like to learn and gain skills of the trading.
Martins Owolabi
NB, Canada
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Bio: I am just a simple family man that needs to be successful in forex trading to support my family financially asap.
Lukasz Kowalczyk
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Bio: I'm Łukasz Yteiding, I deal with science, but when it comes to learning from the best
Victoria Burnett
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Bio: Primarily self taught trader
Matt Patterson
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Bio: Returning trader trying to make this my dream job.
David White
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Bio: My name is Buddy and i’m a a young entrepreneur. I’m interested in not only making money but showing other young entrepreneurs how to make money too.
Esarom Raliu
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Bio: New here and interested to learn trading.
Evans Amoah
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Rafael De Leon
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Bio: Just a guy who likes to learn!!!
Shnider Baptiste
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Bio: Shnider
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Brad Goh
(aka The Trading Geek) Trader by day. 1% Club Sensei by night.

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