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Mason B
San Francisco Bay Area, CA • ENTJ
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Bio: Serial entrepreneur, burned out from startups and venture capital - now on a path to creating my own wealth with businesses that CASH FLOW
Kais Al Balkhi
Toronto, Ontario • ENTJ
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Bio: Toronto 📍
Steve Ballmer
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Bio: Today is another day
Oscar Jimenez
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Bio: @alwaysgonnahit
Lord Wilson
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Bio: I’m new to AI but this young man has been telling the truth when I heard Sam Altman say GPT5 will use AGENTS I knew My thought process was correct
David Ondrej
Czech Republic
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Bio: Building the biggest AI channel on YouTube
Sean Robinson
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Bio: @GoldmineSportsBetting
Michael Crist
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Bio: I’m 43 and just moved to GA for the wife’s job. I can’t go back to a 9-5. I want the freedom and the knowledge on how to teach my boys the same.
Mikey Vaught
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Bio: Love sports, excited to make income creating sports betting videos. Ready to crush it with Cody!✊🔥
Jordan Watson
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Bio: +EV Sharp Bettor. +118.3u in March. My goal is to simply help as many people profit from sports betting!
Christian Llamas
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Bio: Currently in sales and looking to get my foot into real estate 🏡
Alfredo De los Santos
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Bio: I love to connect with people
Daniel Ronan
United Kingdom
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Bio: Watch dealer, ecom expert, commodities trader 💪
Jake Call
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Bio: Founder of BuildrWealth - We help crypto investors create Passive Income through DeFi Liquidity Pools.
Naven Dabria
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Bio: Speed is king. Volume negates luck. You can't lose if you don't quit.
Aditya Chordiya
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Bio: I work @SportsQuack
Kyle Senes
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Bio: IL ✈️ AZ Full time ecom entrepreneur
Dawson Hall
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Bio: Lets get it
Angel Castro
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Bio: Elevate Your Brand with Exclusive Memberships
Burak Kandil
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Bio: @bigeasyplays
Suraj Kumar
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Bio: Digital Creator
Latrell Jay
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Bio: New to sports betting
Andy Of JustAGirlSports
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Bio: Just a girl profitably making money on sports🤷🏾‍♀️
Michael Sanchez
Los Angeles
• Online now
Bio: → TikTok Marketing since 2018 → 80billion+ views on TikTok (yes a B) Building TikTok tools at:
Kyle Armour
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Bio: Following my curiosity...
Dave V
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Bio: chiller
Omar Elattar
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Bio: Entrepreneur / YouTuber / Podcaster
Leo Elbourne
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Bio: Leo
Darin Ferguson
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Bio: Husband, dad, sales.
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