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Clayton Templeton
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Kwuam Adams
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Bio: Christian, Husband, Father, Entreprenuer, artist, motivator
Benjamin Alcorta
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Bio: Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Author, follower of Jesus
Matt Foreman
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Bio: Hi!
Matthew Ornelas
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Bio: Church planter
Jc Meza
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Bio: Husband, Dad, Pastor and new to the Agency Business
Sue Laprise
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Bio: Wife, mother, Jesus Lover - we started our family in 1987 and are currently at 10 kids, 8 grandkids and all those years of homeschooling.
HeadMarketing Coach
South Florida
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Bio: Hey I'm Xavier - Christian, Husband, Entrepreneur, SMB Marketing Enthusiast, Sales Trainer aka Head Marketing Coach!
Taneka C
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Bio: Social Media Marketing
Bryant Spratlin
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Bio: Your Friendly Neighborhood Marketing Man
Robbie Woelkers
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Bio: Dr. Robbie Woelkers Doctor of Physical Therapy Helping Physical Therapy Practice Owners Open Multiple Locations.
Joey Allbritton
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Bio: Co-Founder of Rehab CEOs
Jae Koh
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Bio: Coming soon
Ronnie Bayless
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Bio: Ronnie Bayless
Nicholas Lunsford
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Bio: Hello, my name is Nicholas Lunsford. I look forward to learning as much as I can from this program. If you need my assistance, do not hesitate to ask.
Duane Zingale
Redding, CA
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Bio: Duane is likely to be found geeking out on crafting relationship-based marketing ecosystems with his LISTEN Framework™.
Myrna Miott
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Bio: Digital Marketing Agent
Tony Francois
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Bio: My name is Tony, I’m the the founder of RushHour appliance repair service.
Brian `Wooten
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Bio: I help family-focused, Kingdom-minded business owners scale and grow their businesses in order to increase their impact and influence.
Jane Danah
Montreal • ESFJ
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Bio: CMO @
Debbie Greene
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Bio: My 90-day goal: Set up a blueprint and groundwork to launch my agency.
Venus Loraña
Montreal • ISTJ
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Bio: BDM @
Ghenny Villalobos
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Leslie Lorfils
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Bio: Mom of 12|Senior Army Officer|TEDx Speaker|Transformational Coach|Trainer w/John Maxwell |Momprenuer|2x International & Amazon Best Selling Author
Wendy Earley
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Bio: Creative & Strategic Marketing
André Garcia
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Bio: Entrepreneur and Author
Leilani Soon
Hawai’i • ENFJ
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Bio: Aloha ʻOhana, I’m a professional dancer, Mrs. Hawaiʻi Globe 2024, former flight attendant, and State Senate candidate in 2022 ♥️
Nuoman Aliy
Australia Melbourne
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Bio: OmniLeads Central
Francis Kiyimba
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Bio: Glad to part of this
Jeff Stone
Woodstock, Ga
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Bio: I'm blessed working aside a variety of businesses and professionals from all walks of life. We are helping clients grow at Lead Lab Magnet.
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