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Dimitri Palermo
Berlin, Germany
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Bio: Dreamer, adventurer, and lover of all things creative. ✨ Capturing moments and spreading positivity. Let's connect and inspire each other!🍀
Kathy Carothers
Colorado, USA • INTJ
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Bio: My dream is to help US-based female entrepreneurs set up new businesses and help them maximize cash flow and profits. Is that you? How can I help?
Jeremy Funderburk
Charlotte, NC
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Bio: The GOAT of Virtual Assistant Staffing
Nathan Bokkers
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Marc God
Amsterdam, The Netherlands • ENFP
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Bio: Transformational Leadership Coach. Helping leaders and teams get unstuck and make breakthrough improvements in their work and life with ease and joy.
Daniel Doty
Thousand Oaks, CA • INTJ
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Bio: I help time-strapped portrait photographers get leads & sales without blogging, SEO, posting on Social media or networking.
Robin Heywood
Costa Rica
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Bio: Mom Henry 💖💞💓
Paula Prinzi
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Bio: I help empower creative entrepreneurs to achieve success by offering advice & support in areas such as branding, marketing, & business strategy.
Jay O
Los Angeles • INTP
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Bio: ...
Jülide Savut
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Bio: Partnering with Business Owners and Scaling them Past $50k/pm by Automating their Client Acquisition 📈⬇️
Scott Muir
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Bio: Hello My Name is Scott Muir and I am from Scotland in the United Kingdom. I am single dad with 2 girls and I am a Digital Marketer
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Bernard Brooks
Personal Financial Success Coach

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