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CRM: The Power of Automated Email Marketing
Emails are a business's most powerful asset. It's the most effective way of marketing and communicating DIRECTLY to your customer, with a number of benefits: - Low or no cost - Low barrier to entry - All digital, so no production/lead time - Customers so their inbox on a daily basis - Scalable - Can create a good relationship through campaigns CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management" and is a software that communicates with customers and nurtures the relationship you build with them. An email CRM is the most popular use of this system, which allows you to send a variety of messages, promotions, updates and exclusive content to your email list. How do you collect emails? There are a number of ways you can build your email list, including but not limited to: - Landing page: offers, news, etc. - Payment page - Asking through conversation - Buying data Let's have a look at an example of how you can use your CRM with your customers... 1. You set up a landing page on your website or social media accounts which says "EXCLUSIVE 30% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT". This attention grabbing header is followed by a bar that allows viewers to give their email with the hope they get a juicy 30% discount code to use at your store. 2. After inputting their email address into your landing page, your CRM will automatically send an email to their inbox with your special promo code. Whether they use it or not, you've now got their email and they've agreed to receiving promotional content. 3. A couple days later, your CRM will send them a new email saying prompting or reminding them to use their promo code (maybe with a time limit to create scarcity) in your store if they haven't already. 4. A week later you can send them another email sharing all the new products you're bringing to your store, using eye catching pictures and engaging language. 5. At this point they're starting to recognise your name popping up and a relationship is starting to be built. You will continue to send them news and updates that they might be interested in to keep them entertained. 6. Now you need to convert them into a paying customer and send them another exciting promotion you have on your store: "2 FOR 1 ON ALL PRODUCTS". You must incentivise your email list with more promotions and reward them for being a part of your email campaign.
CRM: The Power of Automated Email Marketing
Life Is A Competition
Whether you like it or not, life is a competition. There is someone competing for your dream job, for the girl you like, for customers in the market your business operates in, to look better than you, to life more than you, to have a stronger network than you. Someone will always be there to take your place or overtake you in the race to greatness. In this competition, you must be constantly improving and working hard to not only keep your spot, but to move up and take other peoples' place. It's just reality; the higher up you are in the competition of life, the more benefits there are to capture. Choose to be mediocre (or worse), or choose to be competitive in every aspect of life and beat the competition which is out to get you.
You Won't Change Without Change
Are you getting what you want? Or to put more constructively, are you attracting what you want to attract? Chances are ,unless you're driving your Lambo around your penthouse, you're not. I'm here to tell you that it is entirely your fault, no one else's and it's your responsibility to change that. But what do you have to change? You! To attract different things, you have to be different. To attract better things, you have to be better. To change what you attract, you have to change yourself. Mould yourself into the perfect man to attract the specific thing you're looking for. For example, if you want to attract more investors, you have to becoming more investable: improve your professional image, show more success, increase your confidence and have better communication skills. If you want to attract an beautiful, innocent girl to marry, you've got to earn more money, improve your appearance, becoming more confident, earn a greater status and be the husband material SHE looks for. It's all about what they want in you, even though you're trying to attract them. If you don't change, someone else who is changing (or already at that point) will take it from you. So what are you going to do: be better and become the best version of yourself possible, inline with what you're trying to attract, or stay the same old unsuccessful guy? Choice is yours, and the easy route doesn't have the sunniest destination. If you don't change, your outcomes won't change, so start now and never stop!
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Athletic Training Insight & Overview
Athletic training is a broad term and is always subjective to the sport you play. Every sport and every position is going to have a difference in training needs and athletic qualities which you must adapt to, which is why athletic training evolves around one main point:... ⭐ TRAIN FOR PURPOSE ⭐ Training for purpose means the workouts and exercises you do have specific reason to be carried out and a crossover to your sport. The aim is to become better at said sport, which means you have to include movements that would enhance how you move in the pitch, track, court, ring or pool. 🦡 IMPORTANCE OF YOUR LOWER BODY 🦡 Every sport is primarily on your feet, involving a variety of different movements. This means you should NEVER be neglecting training your lower body in different movement styles, creating a strong, powerful and functional base. You ankle and foot strength are important, which means you should do movements which require you to be in an extended ankle position; whether it's body weight or under additional resistance, your ankles most build the strength and stability. Your posterior chain will also be a dominant muscle group whilst performing your sport as it's used in all forms of lifting, jumping and running. It's best to strengthen these through compound movements. 🦘 PLYOMETRICS 🦘 To increase your speed and your fast twitch muscle fibres, you should be practising plyometric movements in your workouts. These are jumps and throws, which are either under no or low load, that require you to exert as much force as quickly as possible: box jump, broad jump, medicine ball slams, wall slams. Most sports require you to be fast, and your speed may give you an upper hand against your opposition. Plyometrics don't have to have great volume, but should have high quality of reps as you want to focus on exerting as much force at a time to make the movement as fast as possible. πŸ‹οΈ OLYMPIC LIFTS & EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENTS πŸ‹οΈ Olympic movements work on your explosive power in triple extension, using a number of muscle groups, and are mainly under two exercises: clean and jerk, and snatch. These lifts have a number of variations that are more popular than the originals, such as hang cleans, which have a lesser range of motion but still allow you to train your explosive power. Olympic lifts are great for developing core strength, upper and lower body power, and overall stability from your ankles up to your shoulders. Although they are greta, sometimes you don't need them and can simply do your basic compound movements in an explosive form, such as box squats which power onto ankle extension. These movements cross over well to the majority of sports as you need to build speed and power, using as much force as possible.
Athletic Training Insight & Overview
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