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nested horizontal gallery in vertical gallery
i have 14 columns (horizontal gallery), and 7 rows (vertical gallery) there is a button control and text control beneath each row and column i want to select an item from the list box ( this has a code) ; Set(varItem, ListBox1.Selected.Code) then to select a button, and display the code in the text label beneath it thoughts on the process, or a better way to achieve it? the end goal is to be able to click any item(s) from the list box, and then any button(s) from the grid view, and populate the corresponding text to the code selected then it will be a case of saving that data somewhere appreciate any feedback please
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I can't get the data selected from my list box to go into my text circle
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big shout out to @Elvis Eyobor for assisting with this one. i've gotten past the hurdle in question here. adding the data to a collection and parse with JSON legend effort my friend!
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SharePoint List and signature (pen input)
is there a simple way to add a signature, from a pen input control and save into a sharepoint list? i've created a list in sharepoint with various columns app is built and working, i want to now add the ability to capture a signature in the powerapp, and store that with the list adding the signature to a new column possible without having to build a flow, and converting the sig etc?
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i've looked into this, and i have been using these 2 methods for troubleshooting Collect(colErrors, Errors('User Acceptance')); Set(varPatchResult, Patch('User Acceptance', Defaults('User Acceptance'), { 'App Title':DataCardValue8.Text, Tester:DataCardValue11, 'Testing completed?':DataCardValue9, 'App URL':DataCardValue10, Signature:varBlobData }));
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@Elvis Eyobor thanks for that, i've changed it over to patch anyways and seems to be fine, got more control with the patch function thanks for your help
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i've been in IT for 20+ years. i've been developing forms / apps using BPA tool called K2, now known as Nintex Automation started learning powerapps last year, will be developing projects for my work at an Aluminium smelter in Australia.
Creating locked tabs
Hello, I am trying to create locked tabs, where users will move through a process and submit certain forms in each tab as they move forward. I want the next tab to be visible but locked and can only be accessed once they click on a certain button in the active screen. At the end of the process, I want the tabs to remain unlocked so they can go through the different tabs. May I know has anyone ever dealt with this and how you would go about doing it? Thanks!
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Not knowing exactly how it is done, but I'd assume we can have a variable, and if that is empty then the tab can't be clicked, and only when you want it available, you would populate the variable, then the tab is clickable.
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