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Shaun Seah
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Bio: Facebook Ads Specialist
Jay Goyal
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Bio: I help Coaches & Solopreneurs Build a High-Impact Brand & Create High-Value Offers
Thomas Raymond
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Bio: Emotion tweaker
Rocco Cosado
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Bio: Proud dad, building a better future for my son!
Chris Ryan
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Bio: Here to learn from the masters. 𝕏:
Michael Herrigel
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Bio: Partner in a new eComm business. Spend a significant amount of time learning from all the members in this community along with @Alex Hormozi on X
Jack Byrne
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Bio: Quant investor seeking a new edge in the market
Amaan Ali
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Bio: Generated 5-figures with a 4-day limited course launch. I build offers, marketing strategies & ‘Offer Ecosystems’ for expert & creator brands.
Kaveri Gotkhindi
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Bio: I m a software developer and creator of landing pages. Here to learn from community , i see the most familiar faces . Excited !!
Dela Mincea
Hong Kong • INTP
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Bio: Online business, performance marketing, and behavioral economics & psychology
Catherine Lynch
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Bio: Parenting
Christophe Van Hoof
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Bio: Customer succes manager for a lead generation firm in Belgium. Outside work, I'm a dedicated father, nature enthusiast, and gym-goer. Love to connect.
Paty Rubio
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Bio: Entrepreneur. Founder. Writer. Lean Startup Instructor.Marketer.
Bruce Faulkner
Cheshire, UK
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Bio: I stumble around in the dark trying to convince people behavioural science will make their lives better.
Susanne Reichart
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Bio: Trying to get my first business off the ground, and struggling with copy. Curious to see what'll happen here!
Yanis Taraki
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Bio: The Creators' Marketer
Prabu Rajasekaran
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Bio: Freelance content writer and copywriter. A wannabe content marketer.
Ricardo Jorge
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Bio: Code wizard learning marketing
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