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Derrick Parker
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Bio: just trying to learn
Jade Dautin
Miami • INTJ
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Bio: JKD Agency - Jim💪
Jada B
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Bio: Hey I'm Jada I'm 22, entrepreneur whose always looking for new ways to grow all areas of life. Looking forward to learning and making good connection.
Claury Bazelais
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Bio: Moon
Darrin Walton
Boise, Idaho USA • ESFP
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Bio: God, Family and Hoooundawgs!... and now Trading.
Its Glorious
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Bio: stay Glorious ⭐️
Frank Schroeter
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Bio: very private
Nathan Bryan
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Bio: Focus on valuable details
Myles Brown
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Bio: .
Tracy Harris
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Cyrus Rush
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Bio: Producer and Trader !
Kasyah Sydnor
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Bio: Just started getting into tech so excited to see what this course has to offer and cant wait to learn and apply the information.
Maniela Dieu
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Bio: Learning to execute
Pamela Henson
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Bio: A sista trying to learn
Stanley Paul
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Bio: Stan
Jarno De Bruin
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Bio: Hi
King Walker
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Bio: The only way to success is pain
Carla Thompson
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Bio: Carlatheconsistentwinner
Elliot Jones
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Bio: Nothing right now
Thomas Bond
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Bio: Learning always.
Danny Kabwika
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Bio: A student 👨‍🎓 who seek for financial freedom
Demarkus Hamilton
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Bio: Hear to learn to trade, make money, and become financially independent.
Botho Hazel
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Bio: Learner
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Bio: ok
Gene Harrison
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Tiara Sparks
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Bio: My name is Tiara. I’ve from Houston, Texas and studied filmmaking and digital marketing. I’ve been on my entrepreneur journey for three years.
Kenneth Vasquez
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Bio: 🎙Artist Turned ARTrepreneur
Ronald Wynne
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Bio: Entrepreneur, Podcaster, author and trader
Myeshia Davis
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Bio: Looking to take my trading to the next level
Raymond Zhu
San Francisco, California • ISTP
• Online now
Bio: Skool Menace; Coldest Caller; Trade Stonks 💎🖐️
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