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Michael Garman
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Bio: Innovation specialist transforming into an Innovation generalist. I am the Senior Innovation Manager at Hamilton Beach working hard to reinvent myself
Samuel Adaramola
Washington, DC • INFJ
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Bio: I'm a co-founder of a boutique creative studio looking to find the best ways to collaborate with my team and clients.
Ingrid Knoff
Michigan, United States • INFJ
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Bio: I love music, dance & learning about Everything! (+Food, Laughing & Sunshine) Began college as Art Major; Degree in Business. Always entrepreneurial!
Nathy Ravez
• Active 32d ago
Bio: Project manager for years, I now focus on facilitation skills to help 🇫🇷🇧🇪 companies optimise their processes. My hobby is the music production 🎶
Rick Young
• Active 567d ago
Bio: I am a jolly guide, being a workshopper & coach. With the intention to solving some of the biggest challenges we face & while exploring self mastery.
Julia Lemke
Ann Arbor, MI • INFJ
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Bio: Intuitive, Meditation Guide, Community Facilitator, Writer, Enneagram Expert ·
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Ashley Ross
I help teams get results faster without compromising inclusive communication, so they can get time back to find joy in life.

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Marquette, MI. / Web-based
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