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Let other's Shine!
"In a world filled with competition and comparison, it's crucial to remember the value of humility and support for others. When someone demonstrates expertise or skill in a particular area, it's not a sign of weakness to step back and let them shine. By recognizing and celebrating the strengths of those around us, we foster a culture of collaboration and mutual respect. Embracing the success of others not only uplifts them but also enriches our own lives with inspiration and positivity. Let's cultivate a mindset that appreciates and encourages the talents of others, creating a community where everyone can thrive together." Ashkan Tabibnia The Legacy Architect 90210 Enterprise
Let other's Shine!
"Master Your Mind: The Key to Living Life on Your Terms".
"Master Your Mind: The Key to Living Life on Your Terms". Journal #2 By Rex Sikes Advisory Executive Council 90210 Enterprise. For nearly 40 years I have asked this question in articles, presentations and seminars near and far, 'What is it that stops most people?' What is it that prevents people from being happy, having the career they want, a great relationship and living their dreams? Some answer ‘fear.’ Some say ‘doubt.’ Others answer ‘procrastination,’ or ‘apathy.’ Others chime in ‘struggleit's too hard.’ Failure. They give up. I get many similar answers. What is the bottom line? What are all of these made of? What is common to each of these answers? Each answer is a thought. It may be spoken or silent, but it is a thought. A mental packet of electrochemical energy is what stops most people. People think they are afraid. They have thoughts of doubt. They think it is too hard. They’ve tried and are convinced they can't succeed. They think, 'I'll do it later.' These thoughts are beliefs people use to justify inaction and helplessness. They’re not real. They’re thoughts. This is precisely why I have been a champion for gaining control of what goes on in your head, between your ears, and in your body for decades. People allow themselves to lose out, miss out, not have what they want and don't even try, because of what they repeatedly think day in and day out.” Change your thoughts and you transform your life! Rex Sikes Excepted from ‘Life on Your Terms: Create The Life You Want’ Ashkan Tabibnia
"Master Your Mind: The Key to Living Life on Your Terms".
VPN 2.0 Is Now Live!
Several new solutions to help grow your networks😎
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VPN 2.0 Is Now Live!
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Love the commercial
Rise Above The Challenges
"In life, we rise above the challenges. Sometimes we set certain goals that don't work, but it doesn't mean it's a mistake."@ashkan.tabibniaLife is full of ups and downs, and we all face numerous challenges along the way. It's important to remember that these challenges are not roadblocks but stepping stones. When we set goals, we do so with the best intentions and with hope for success. However, not every goal will be achieved as planned. This doesn't mean we made a mistake; it simply means we have an opportunity to learn and grow. Every goal that doesn't work out teaches us something valuable. It helps us understand our strengths and weaknesses, refine our plans, and approach the next challenge with greater wisdom and resilience. Embrace your journey, celebrate the progress, and remember that every experience, whether it leads to success or not, is a crucial part of your personal and professional growth. Keep pushing forward, stay positive, and trust that every step you take is bringing you closer to your ultimate goals. #RiseAboveChallenges #EmbraceTheJourney #GrowthMindset #LearningFromFailure #AshkanTabibnia #LegacyArchitect
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Rise Above The Challenges
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@John Donnelly Thank you
My Short Bio
**Ashkan Tabibnia: The Legacy Architect** Ashkan Tabibnia is a visionary strategist and entrepreneur renowned for empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their visions and goals. As CEO and founder of '7 Elephants,' he led the company to great success, employing over 50 individuals and generating an annual revenue of $15 million. His passion for fostering collaboration and personal growth led to the inception of the Higher Connections Network (HCN) in 2009, empowering countless individuals and businesses. At the age of 23, Ashkan founded the Higher Properties & Investments Group (HPIG), a boutique real estate and investment firm that has guided clients to financial success. Through HCN, he has spearheaded successful projects and alliances, including notable events like the ASCENT EXPO and CITY GALA. In 2019, he co-founded Dirt Merchants Universe, focusing on inspirational media production. Currently, Ashkan is building on his expertise with two new endeavors. The first is 90210 Enterprise, a premier business consulting firm offering services in various verticals. The second is the Advisory Legacy Council, a global community of influential leaders dedicated to shaping their legacies. Ashkan's mission is to empower individuals to create lasting legacies that impact the world positively. Ashkan Tabibnia resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Madlen, and their four children. His dedication to empowering others and creating impactful legacies embodies his belief that "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream." AKA "The Legacy Architect" Our group of companies: #1 Advisory Legacy Council Founder -High-end Private Advisory Firm. #2 Founder -A Global Diverse, Private, Conscious, & Creative Business community. #3 Co-founder -A Global Multimedia Conscious Powerhouse
My Short Bio
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Ashkan Tabibnia
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Ashkan Tabibnia, founder of 90210 Enterprise, is known as “the Legacy Architect.” He passionately connects the powerful, elite under 90210 Enterprise

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