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Carra Lumsden
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Bio: Make Money Make Forex Friends
Damian Shadie
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Bio: Co-founder of the Diverse Business Network Ltd and Leadership Coach with background of 24 years in corporate finance
Danny Reggie
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Bio: Financial freedom journey 🙏🤲☀️
Daniel Abraham
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Bio: 🫡
Judith James
North London, UK
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Bio: I am a very pleasant individual and I love to help others. My background is in Finance and i joined this community in order to gain new skills .
Dominique Willis
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Bio: Trader for 6 years, love working in a group :)
Annette Gibbons
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Bio: I am a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I love family time , Church, fishing, sewing, people and serving others.
Israel Taylor-Carlton
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Bio: Funded trader
Tenesha Williams
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Bio: “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not unto men” Col. 3:23
Keisha Omojowo-Howe
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Bio: Increasing my mommas freedom.
Peter Enebe
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Bio: Peter Enebe (He/Him) Director, Investor in People, Education, and Business, including Forex.
Laya Trotman
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Bio: My name is Laya. Im a young women trying to live life to the fullest with my niece and puppy dog!
Tommy Gaffney
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Bio: I'm Tommy. I'm 47 years old living in Georgia for Orangeburg SC. I'm trying to escape corporation UPS.
Qwenton Pippen
Rocky Mount, NC
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Bio: ECU grad, Electrical engineer
Shaheem Martin
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Bio: Excited to continue to build.
Charles Jewell
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Bio: Father, husband and entrepreneur. Just a guy looking at the future of my family and through Forex we will strive and continue with this great process
Lachandra Blue
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Bio: I’m a…Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend & A Fund Manager!!!
Carla Silver
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Bio: Simply CSilver, single mother of a 13 year old young man. Blessed by God, honest, and a real person😉
Tommy Tester
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Bio: Him
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Anthony Howe
👑Husband to 1 👥Father to 5 💱Financial Literacy, Forex & Destiny Coach to many👨🏾‍🏫

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