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Certified Coaches
Hope everybody is doing great! Need a Breath Masters Certified coach in Boston Massachusetts and another one in Phoenix Arizona Hope I can find them here
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Kike escríbele a hanna, estaban haciendo un directorio con los lugares donde estamos cada uno, seguro te puede mandar contactos.
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@Enrique Sanjose que raro, si te puedo ayudar en algo, me avisas
things start falling into place
How interesting how we start connecting the dots while diving deeper. I'm loving his way of talking and expressing his discoveries, and intertwining everything so we get the clearer picture. I'm talking James Nestor. But this bit of text surprised and intrigued me at the same time, while it also made sense at a deeper level
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This is true, when you cultivate breath and body awareness, you can feel when they switch during the day.
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@Joana De Almeida yes, it's very subtle
Inner Child Journey with Mona
Hi everyone, I had the intention to practice the Inner Child Journey with @Mona Bitar but the video doesn't appear when I click on the link, just wanted to check if it was a problem on my side or if anyone else has had the same issue, let me know. Thanks!
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@Joana De Almeida Thank you for confirming!
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@Joana De Almeida will do, thank you!
Holy sHit!!!
Guys, I can't explain how grateful I am to have ended up in this community. It's my destiny... It feels like everything I learned and went through on my path lead here to this final liberation and rEVOLution! My breathwork healing journey actually started in Bali with Alchemy of Breath and others and also great Soundhealers (special thanks to Shervin Boloorian too). I didn't meet you guys back then it's about 7 years though (7 haha, my life path, a life cycle). @Brian Kelly already the first 9D Breathwork session introduction was a huge catalyst for me, now being in this group doing the 5 day challenge was great and brought me back to my commitment to do conscious breathing every day. But today I did your Trauma Release session. Oh my! That moved me to the core and you did. Thanks so much for your dedication, your big heart and your loving presence! You're a Rockstar!!! 🤙🤗 I definitely want to bring this to Mexico. My heart goes out to the people here because they carry so much childhood and ancestral trauma a part from religiously induced blocks and fears. I was looking for the right door to reach them. As getting them aboard with spiritual stuff is still difficult... But I think this is it! This is how we can help heal the world! It really is! 💞🌎💞 Unfortunately, right now I can't afford to get into the 9D program (am a single mother struggling financially and still healing myself), but I will! I will as soon as possible. Until then I will keep healing and clarifying my vision and breathing, breathing, breathing... 🥰 If there are any other small steps I can take into that direction a part from the classroom here please let me know. Also interested in the follow up course you mentioned in the trauma release session...? 🙏
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Welcome Yasmin! I'm sure you will get to where you want to go, with all this openness to process and heal. Wishing you the best on your transformation.
Share how you feel
Hello .. I wanna say this tool is a life changing experience. Once you start doing it is for forever 💚
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yes it is, a practice of awareness for life :)
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Hi, I’m a yoga and meditation guide, an energy worker and a psychotherapist looking to create spaces for deep transformation.

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