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Sherry LeGare-Underwood
Alabama • ENFP
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Bio: I’m am an attorney launching a new business to help more entrepreneurs get the alternative financing they need for growing their businesses.
Tonia Stoney
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Bio: I love teaching, mentoring, and coaching kids piano and music theory online!
Stephanie Oden
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Bio: Success Strategist for Introvert Entrepreneurs. I am in the business of helping introverts have more success in their life.
Patrice Sykes
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Bio: I'm a personal chef and content creator looking to learn ways to make my job easier and faster. As well as learn some marketing tips.
Jill Place
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Bio: 78 years young gut-healing expert passionate about finding the root cause behind what ails YOU.
Deanna Hinsz
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Bio: Digital Marketing Strategist | Website Designer | Lover of creating the life you love
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Angela Brooks
A decade of working online - I built a big ol' business part-time, using my blog and connections on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Joined Jun 15, 2023
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