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  • K Heideman
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  • Justin McEwan
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  • Marci Delaney
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    Bio: Seventy year old retired corporate senior executive. US born now living in Australia.
  • M D
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    Bio: Just someone who wants additional information to be prepared!!!!
  • Brent C
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    Bio: Real estate investor (multi-8-figure real estate portfolio). Community builder (55k member dentist group).
  • Russ Wood
    Ponchatoula louisiana
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    Bio: Retired firefighter, EMT-A. Also retired Air Force fire fighter. I just learned about "the muddy middle"! I'm too old to be muddy!!
  • Janis Embree
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    Bio: My name is Janis. I am a senior citizen with a disabled husband. I still work full time as a teacher. My husband, Dale, is retired navy. I plan for 2.
  • Dj Schalk
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    Bio: A jack of all trades, so I know a little about resiliency!
  • Joseph Fessenden
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    Bio: Prepare
  • Poli Kalugin
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    Bio: Prepping
  • Maureen Abler
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  • Leland M Grieves
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    Bio: Love the USA Retired Viet Nam Veteran Favorite pistol FN 5.7 w/red dot
  • Leland M Grieves
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    Bio: fishing
  • Joyce Terra
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    Bio: Retired, farming, prepper, crafter, remodeling home working on filling in the gaps on a self-sufficient lifestyle with the goal of becoming off grid.
  • Test Tester
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    Bio: bio
  • Alexandre Santos
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    Bio: I'm a Poilice officer, interesting in learning everything I can about the resilient life. And I love scuba diving too.
  • Test Tester
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    Bio: Test only.
  • Test Test
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    Bio: Test.
  • James Moffatt
    Indio, California
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    Bio: I am a Senior Pastor in Southern California. My wife (Cheryl) and I have been married for 28 years. We have two girls. Thankful to be here.
  • Beverly Bennett
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    Bio: Recently retired from college teaching. Specialization in anthropology, esp. South America, and other areas of interest related.
  • Meredith Baker
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    Bio: I love gardening, walking, cooking, church activities, making mischief, playing with my dog.
  • Gerald McNamara
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    Bio: Work in IT after retiring as a teacher, Security, and military. Looking forward to having my family better prepared.
  • Elisa Miller
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  • Ana Morales
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    Bio: I'm interested in Science and the environment.
  • Myra Burns
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    Bio: Retired from Dow Chemical after 32 years as Global Director of Analytical Operations. Married 38 years. Live in Louisiana and HUGE LSU Tigers fan!
  • Sean Smith
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    Bio: .
  • James Hatcher
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    Bio: Working every day.
  • Patricia Carlisi
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    Bio: House Flipper. Homesteader. Hoarder. Human.
  • Angela Valentine
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    Bio: I'm an editor, so I love to read and learn! Looking for property in a warm climate (near like-minded folks) to set up a safe homestead and a garden.
  • Colette Roy
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    Bio: A married Christian mom of 3 boys who enjoys all areas of human well-being…physical, mental, spiritual and who has an insatiable appetite for learning
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