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Busola Isaac
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Bio: .
Woltertine Twyford
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Bio: I'm retired, I go for a walk most days,I have a large vegetable garden. We have another business. My lovely granddaughter and I in the photo
Gene Wyngaard
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Bio: Self directed, untamed, lover of freedom, self expression and martial arts.
Camren Schroeder
Lincoln, NE
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Bio: Business manager working 40 hours a week and looking forward to becoming a new ecommerce entrepreneur!
Suzana Tanevski
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Donna Clarke
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Bio: I'm a mom, wife, teacher, crafter, and creative soul seeking to fulfill my life's purpose and live with intention every day!
Jennifer Kennedy
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Bio: Wife, Aunt, Dogmom. I love putting peoples ideas into action.
Kowsor Salat
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Bio: Hey there! my name is Kowsar. Ready to build the next successful ecom business!
Carol Chavey
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Bio: I love to be creative and sharing what I create with the world while also making money at the same time :)
Judy Welch
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Bio: Be Kind 🥰 Show Kindness 🥰 Smile 🥰 Laugh 🥰
Bo Neng
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Bio: Freelancer
Evonne Hew
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Bio: A graphic designer Mom looking to make expressive and inspirational designs helping others to create special moments between their loved ones.
May Matos
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Bio: Na
Dean Lawrence
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Bio: Hi I'm Dean, I've spent years running my own fuel transport company, I've since changed direction and am now a newbie to E Commerce.
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Andrew Barber
Owner of a small mineral specimen business called lux and lumen

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St. Petersburg FL
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