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Princess Mari Sunico
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Bio: Hi! I'm Princess, I hope to get to know maybe one of you? I hope so, I'm fun and very resourceful. Just message me when you need some referrals :>
Raxx Bands
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Bio: I’m a Money Printer for a 9-Figure Tech Startup. 💵🖨️ -Client Acquisition Specialist -Pipeline Architect -Cold Email Alchemist 🥶📩 Tap in 📲
Vuk Prebiracevic
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Bio: AI ideas & inovations; Web developer @ Butterfly Innov.; Owner & CEO @ Darkside Worldwide; Music artist; Writer;
Ahmed Alkaliby
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Callum Landsberg
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Bio: Software developer with additional experience in SEO, marketing and customer service. Looking to meet like-minded builders, learn and build stuff
Dev Mathur
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Bio: Founder at a B2B Saas Startup. Would love to connect!
Brendan McLarry
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Bio: Learning, Doing, Iterating, And Repeat.
Lauren Floyd
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Bio: I've been in the software development industry as a product owner and business analyst for about 10 years.
Joakim A
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Bio: Car mechanic looking for something bigger. Curious person, always interested in learning something new. Would love to run my own buissness some day!
Fabian Kis
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Bio: Building a firm.
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Andrei Roncea
I help service-based small business owners stay competitive online. Omnius Web Development

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