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Arvid Hajilou
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Bio: Innovation & Development Consultant, interested in sustainability, renewable energies, global goals and entrepreneurship. CEO @ Linné Innovation AB
Mikael Bjorkqvist
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Bio: I am an innovator, marketer, cook, and business owner. People, creativity, regenerative farming, photography, and philosophy ring my bells.
Michael Labruyere
Stockholm - Sweden • ENFP
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Bio: I´m a 40+ years old French working class hero with a big heart who may finally find out what he wants to be when he grows up ;)
Tony Vitali
Santa Rosa, CA
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Bio: I'm a Sr Design Consultant specializing in brand strategy and product design. I love making things, reading, mountain biking, and collecting old maps.
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Andreas Wilhelmsson
I am an optimist at heart, curious of our world and an enthusiast in evolving our ways.

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Joined Jun 8, 2022
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