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Stephanie Wilson
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Bio: :-)
Fionnan O Sullivan
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Bio: Managing Partner | Talent Advisor | Career Coach | Design Thinker
Nico Lygkopoulos
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Bio: Hi
Karen Christine Sengupta
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Bio: I am an Appointment Setter & Coach. I help coaches/consultants get appointments with qualified buyers and help unblock people to acheive their goals.
Melinda Williams
London • INFP
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Bio: Empowering women to rediscover their inner strength and take control of their lives
Ed JC Smith
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Bio: Helped Thousands Of Coaches Level Up Owner of Expert Coach & Clients On Automation
Niks Jansons
Latvia • ESTJ
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Bio: I help European experts to build client acquisition systems to reach their financial goals. Husband & father. Stay Sharp!
Victor Oddo
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Bio: I am a YouTuber with a passion for helping people transform into the greatest version of themselves.
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Anda Senberga
Allowing myself to live

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