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Rinse and Repeat... MB30 - 12 months later
A year went by very fast. Around this time last year I started MB30. I had to wait patiently for the January BMC cohort to start, I had ants in my pants, I was so ready to rock and roll. Doing the 10 weeks and then jumping on the 9D train didn't leave me time for another round of MB30 habit development, until now. I found a beautiful 9D accountability budy (totally different timezone, who cares, as long as we report) and have completed week two today. The 30 day program is brilliant and a great way to build a daily practice - my practice during the BMC wasn't consistent enough, so I'm happy to come back to this and to rediscover some really powerful yet short practices. Day 4 week 2 - 12 minutes breathing - I didn't get beyond 3 minutes I was crying so much. I am using these 30 days to get my act together, dealing with my procrastination and with how I want to move forward. I realize I'm a work in progress, so maybe it's okay to accept it for now. Tomorrow will wait for tomorrow. The point of this post is - do the MB30 if you haven't yet. And if you have and you're feeling stuck, repeat it.
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Caught in my own little duality...
Yesterday was such a hodge-podge of emotions for me. I tried to fit as much as I could into the first four hours of my workday, followed by meeting with the therapist I will be working with to bring breathwork into a local gradeschool and middle school. After the meeting I spent an hour getting centered to lead the third in a series of journeys for an Army veteran and former police officer. It went amazing and he was lighter and more hopeful when he left. I was so excited. Next week I start working with his wife too and he has five other guys he wants to refer. The problem is that I still had some work to accomplish in the office and I noticed my resentment toward it. For most of us, we cannot be full time with our passion of breath work. At least not at first. I found myself considering my work with my breath work practice as sacred and I began looking at the way I am currently paying my bills as mundane. I know things are sacred when I do them with a selfless heart and out of love but I was having trouble seeing that with my day job. Maybe you go through that too and I am sharing my story so we can help each other remember that there is no degree of serving with love, whether I am catching up on book keeping, stocking inventory, contacting a customer, or leading a veteran to greater freedom in his life through the breath. Transformation can happen anywhere, on the mat or being kind to the person on the other side of the phone. I'm going to try to remember that.
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You are so wise and wonderful for sharing. I can relate on many levels. I have stopped working as a translator altogether - the calling fell away and the projects diminished - along with my desire to do something else, meaninigful to help provide relief to people in their struggle. So, while I wait for myself to get on track I started working very part time in a food kiosk, doing all kitchen chores. It's humbling and annoying at the same time, if such ambivalence is possible. It's a constant reminder to push forward, yet I'm stalling. Your post is letting me feel easier with myslef.
Breath work in public schools
The follow up to a previous post I will share is true in central Illinois, USA. I don't know if it is true in other regions or around the world. I found this information after a meeting with the counselor who has contracted me for six initial hours of breath work with gradeschool and middle school children. 1. There was money for this because it is for "high acuity" children ( kids in very difficult circumstances or frames of mind that could escalate). The school wants to explore breathwork as a potential tool for kids to use for de-escalation of highly emotional situations. 2. Schools often turn to counseling practices that have been contracted for specialized needs like grief for assistance with tough cases. Most schools have at least one established counseling resource 3. I am coming in under a BAA- Business Associate Agreement which is a legally binding relationship with a HIPAA covered healthcare provider. ( confidentiality, liability, etc) 4. A licensed counselor running the program will be there during my time with the kids What does all of this mean? First, schools have to be very careful who is allowed professional interaction with kids. I have all the appropriate state and FBI background checks on file with our local schools for contracts with my other company. I don't know whether I will always have to have the counselor present but the BAA means I am operating under her companies liability. This counselor does not have all the local schools so I will have access to two of them and only the highest risk children. I will help her write a guide for the staff so that breath work can benefit them in stressful situations too. Conclusion: Don't feel bad if it is hard to get into schools. It will be. Often that is the case with hospitals and prisons as well. The other tidbit I learned is that school guidance counselors can be very territorial and suspicious of anyone coming in on their turf. In other words, walk softly in their domain. If a principal or someone in the school shows openness, see if you can get connected with the counseling practice they use. Doors will open more quickly. Lastly, I didn't discuss what I wanted to charge. I was just grateful for the opportunity. In the end, she wrote me in the grant to be paid $175/hr for a six hour contract. I will probably have 18 hours of prep, travel, and execution, netting $58 an hour for priceless experience.
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Thanks for sharing sister. Way to go. Please share the experience afterwards.
Breathwork Styles within Breath Masters
TBJ...Hybrid...Regenerative... If you are like me, you might find yourself ranking and comparing these experiences to one another. Have you asked yourself, which one is best? Have you ever thought " but it is ONLY a regenerative journey"? I have. I began to challenge this dualistic way of thinking as I began hearing of radical transformation taking place with coaches that focus mostly on regenerative journeys. As I had to cope with an aging demographic coming to me with numerous contraindications ( not to mention the contraindications I deal with) I began writing hybrid journeys that only have 14-18 minutes of conscious connected breathing and I am seeing people having such incredible breakthrough experiences, including deep emotions and psychedelic-type visions. I think that the breath is powerful, I think our intentions our powerful, I think inspired words are powerful. We have all three. A transformed life is the end goal, not how loud we scream, how much tetany, or whether we are having an outwardly quiet experience. From my observation, breathwork coaches all over are delivering journeys that are helping people radically transform their lives, who cares how we get there? I love that all of our lights and expressions of that light are different. Some are like 100 candles, some are big search lights, some are oil lamps. At the end of the day, people just need the light. Let's welcome all the variety.
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Thank you for your inspiring posts. What you wrote resonates deeply within me ❤️
Expertise with school grants requested
I just received my first contract doing breathwork with a counseling group in the schools. This is a school grant and I wondered if anyone in the community is experienced with school grants. I am beyond excited for this great opportunity and wondered if any of my fellow Breath Masters have done work in the public schools?
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OMG This is amazing Joyce!!! While I can't help with the grant info, I can and am rooting for you all the way!!!
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