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Tim Danilov
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Bio: 👨‍🔬 Building Something Big
Malcolm Bryant
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Bio: Co-founder of Bootstrapping & scaling B2B businesses within our holding company from $500K/ARR to $2M/ARR & above.
Steve Mellor
New Hampshire
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Bio: @thestevenmellor
Yousef Lashuel
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Bio: Founder of the Growth Accelerator
Max Perzon
Sweden • INFJ
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Bio: Helping People Launch & Grow Profitable Skool Communities.
Matheo Cauwet
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Bio: J'aide les gens cool à faire de l'argent en ligne
Adlane Be
Paris • INFP
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Bio: I'm passionate about skiing and the mountains and I'm happy to share my passion with as many people as possible.
Anthony Duong
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Bio: Affiliation Momentum
Tugan Bara
Dubai, Budapest, Varsovie
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Al Oy
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