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Lukas Mertens
Germany • INFJ
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Bio: Social Media Marketing Experte
Anthony Phillip
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Bio: From London, UK. Work as a mortgage & insurance adviser. Also music producer & organise events for producers in UK/Europe. Just started own business
Sequan Baker
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Bio: Here to learn and meet like minded individuals
Daniel Durr
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Max Lopez
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Bio: I am Max Australian, Chilean in Las Vegas, Going from Self Employed to Business Owner, End Game is being a Wealthy Share Holder of Own Entitys.
Payton Tuttle
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Matthew Isho
Troy Michigan
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Bio: .
Rodrick Brady
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Michael Zatorski
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Bio: I own a Tiny Home company, Online E-Commerce Vape Store, and OnlyFan Agency.
Duy Tran
Norman, Oklahoma
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Bio: Nutritionist from CSUSB and Chef. Weight-loss is my specialty. Specifically body-fat loss and the biochemistry behind what we do on a daily basis.
Fabio Pukaj
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Bio: We Help Businesses Use AI
Mariana Guerrero
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Bio: Love to cook
Jeffery Brown
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Bio: I am jeff
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Aj Lewis
I'm just a guy trying to level up one day at a time. Sales, marketing, football, learning.

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Joined Mar 10, 2023
Medellin, Colombia
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