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A community for beginner and growing podcasters who want to succeed and stay abreast in the world of podcasting


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Happy to be here
Hi I'm an italian podcaster, happ to be here. My podcast is called Comedy starter, you can find it on spotify I'm here to improve it 💪
Adrian Daniels
Bruno Interlandi
New comment 17d ago
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Welcome buddy! We are happy to have you 🙌 Perhaps you could share some links to your podcast for everyone?
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@Bruno Interlandi awesome 🙏🏾 🙏🏾
Free Podcast masterclass & Live Q&A
Hey Podpals, I'll be going LIVE tomorrow evening on Tuesday 22nd August delivering a free 90 minutes podcast masterclass I've got front row tickets for the community meaning you don't have to register, you just have to show up! You can join live here tomorrow at 7pm BST: Will add event to calendar section too!
A look ahead....
Hi Pod pals! Hope you're doing great! I know it's been a little quiet! Here's what I'm working on for the community for July (also expect a refreshed classroom for a better learning experience) : 1. Free Podcast course 2. How to get started in Podcasting free ebook 3. How to start a podcast - Free Webinar 4. Ai and automation podcast course 5. Podcast online networking Happy podcasting! Adrian
New podcast Alert!
Hey guys! Wanted to introduce to you all my new podcast, Quit and Switch! Since 2020, the world has never been the same; we have witnessed global phenomenons such as Lockdowns, The Great Resignation, The Work From Home Revolution, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution and so much more. 2019 is but a distance memory. Most of all, the career and business marketplace is totally disrupted. Quit and Switch hosted by Adria Daniels, revealing stories and lessons of established or rising stars who have pivoted from a specific career, business or industry, so professionals and entrepreneurs in a transition, can gain actionable tips and insights to apply in their own journeys. My three solo episodes and first interview is now up on the podcast platforms! You can listen here or watch the interview below! Any questions, drop them in the comments
Quick Walkthrough of Castmagic AI
Hey folks! I've been trying out Castmagic Ai for my podcast post-production to see if it can shave off virtual assistant costs, and wow, was I completely SHOCKED by the results 🤯! Check out my short video walkthrough below! If you want to purchase Castmagic, you can get it for a limited time at a one-off price (instead of paying for a yearly/monthly subscription) here: Let me know your thoughts!
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What did you think of the workshop?
Let me know your thoughts below. Any follow up questions, drop them below.
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Hello, Tamer here and I am very excited to join this community. Started a podcast on careers ( looking forward to interacting with fellow podcast hosts and content creators :)
Adrian Daniels
Tamer Haddadin
New comment Jun 19
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Welcome to the community, @Tamer Haddadin 😎 I love the concept of your podcast. You'd be a perfect guest for my new podcast, Quit and Switch: Let me know if you'd be interested in coming on my show as a guest (or drop me a DM!): Keep going with the Pod! Adrian
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@Tamer Haddadin awesome, I'll DM you a call link!
Meet Castmagic ! - the game-changing AI tool that turns long form audio into evergreen content.
Streamline your podcast production w/ AI: get shownotes, summaries, bios, key topics, quotes & more! With Castmagic, you can turn your podcast audio into ready to use content in a matter of minutes using cutting-edge AI technology -- putting your post production process on autopilot, and 10x your content output! Check out the video below to see it in action Pod pals!
A to Z Podcasting Community now has both iOS and Android Apps!
We now have both iOS & Android apps! Scan the QR code to download it, or use links below: Get the iOS app here. Get the Android app here. The apps have push notifications, links open in the app, + more. Enjoy 🎉 To get your own community for your podcast or hobby, follow this link
Introducing Myself :)
Hey everyone! My name is Senda and I started Too Long; Don't Listen a few months ago with the aim of inspiring young professionals and students with career decisions. I'm very happy to be part of a podcaster community as it's rare to find people who understand the struggle of doing something you love (while still working FT!) :) Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or simply want to connect. PS. I'm also considering launching a product for podcast lovers, and would find it extremely helpful if you could answer this super short survey (it's anonymous). Thank YOU! 💜
Adrian Daniels
Senda Ben Abdallah
New comment Jun 12
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Welcome the community @Senda Ben Abdallah ! Great intro! Will give your podcast a listen, the concept sounds interesting! We definitely relate to the struggle juggling it with other things, which is why we are all here together learning and growing with each other! Will fill in the survey and hope others do too! 😅 Adrian
0 likes • Jun 12
@Senda Ben Abdallah My pleasure!
Hello everyone, I’m James, I’m a content creator who’s looking forward to starting my own podcast, and I’m honored to be part of this wonderful community!
Adrian Daniels
Senda Ben Abdallah
New comment Jun 10
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Welcome sir!
Start Here!
Hello! Welcome to the A to Z Podcasting Community! The goal of this platform is to be a fun and educating resource for newbie, hobbyist and pro podcasters to realise the full benefits of podcasting in their lives by mastering the art, science and craft of podcasting, with likeminded podcasters who are eager to learn, grow, network and WIN together! Content Creators are also welcome if they find this community valuable! I called the platform A to Z Podcasting because I discovered that it's all about learning about the DIFFERENT moving parts of how to Podcast, and bringing them together, which makes your show and impact exponentially powerful! Everything from learning about your Audience to using the Zoom H6! (A to Z Podcasting) ! Start by checking these links: • How to Download the Community app! • Connect on the Curb Podcast Workshop Recording (27th April) • How to use the free Community • Podcast A-Z (2023 Edition) - Intro (Free Access) • Free Podcast Cheatsheet • Classroom • Leaderboards • Work with Adrian Expect these resources and guides to be added or taking place later on in May and beyond! • Past Webinar Archives • Free Ebooks and Newsletters from A to Z Podcasting • Video walkthrough tutorial on how to get the most out of this community • Exciting plans for the community • Weekly live group Q&A calls ( for level 3 members and up)
James Amissah
Adrian Daniels
Acadia Einstein
Erin Edwards
Rajbir Ahmed
New comment Jun 10
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Hi @Erin Edwards ! Great for you to join us from the Big Apple 🙌 I'm confident you've got what it takes to be a great podcaster with your journalism and storytelling background, that sounds amazing!!! Just let go, and just hit record, and worry about being perfect later 😎 We got you!
0 likes • Jun 6
@Rajbir Ahmed pleasure, Rajbir!
Production Manager wanted!
Production Manager wanted for a live show at the 02 indigo on July 4th in London, UK. Ideally someone with live show\theatre experience. Need to lock in as soon as possible. If interested please email Joyce at — Note: They are also looking for A MakeUp artist experienced in SFX/ Fat face makeup Please email Thanks, Adrian
Bazeh Entertainment
🎧 Hello A-Z Podcasting community! Join me on an exhilarating journey with Bazeh Entertainment, dedicated to empowering individuals through creative expression. With expertise in music production, podcasting, operations management, lyrics, AI integration, internal audits, video/photography edits, and unique designs, Bazeh Entertainment is your go-to for all things artistic. Let's push creative boundaries and leave a lasting impact together! 🎵 Music Production: We compose exceptional music that resonates with your audience. 🎙️ Podcasting: Dive into engaging and thought-provoking episodes that captivate listeners. 📊 Operations Management: Leave logistics and resource allocation to us. 📝 Lyrics: Craft captivating and meaningful lyrics that connect deeply. 🤖 AI Integration: Embrace innovation with AI tools for unique content creation. 🔍 Internal Audits: Ensure industry standards and best practices are met. 🎥📸 Video/Photography Edits: Let us create visually stunning content. 🎨 Unique Designs: Stand out with tailored designs reflecting your vision. Seeking collaborations with talented musicians, podcasters, videographers, photographers, designers, and artists. Contact us at or +254759325920. Let's inspire and empower others through Bazeh Entertainment's diverse services and collaborative spirit. "You can do it too." Your feedback is valued! What aspect of Bazeh Entertainment's vision resonates with you the most?
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Adrian Daniels
Isaac Zachary
New comment Jun 2
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Welcome @Isaac Zachary to the community! Nice introduction !🙌
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Hi! I'm Adrian. The founder of A to Z Podcasting. I'm a former Radio Host, Music Producer and Software Consultant turned Podcaster and Podcast Coach!
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