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Quick Walkthrough of Castmagic AI
Hey folks! I've been trying out Castmagic Ai for my podcast post-production to see if it can shave off virtual assistant costs, and wow, was I completely SHOCKED by the results 🤯! Check out my short video walkthrough below! If you want to purchase Castmagic, you can get it for a limited time at a one-off price (instead of paying for a yearly/monthly subscription) here: Let me know your thoughts!
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Meet Castmagic ! - the game-changing AI tool that turns long form audio into evergreen content.
Streamline your podcast production w/ AI: get shownotes, summaries, bios, key topics, quotes & more! With Castmagic, you can turn your podcast audio into ready to use content in a matter of minutes using cutting-edge AI technology -- putting your post production process on autopilot, and 10x your content output! Check out the video below to see it in action Pod pals!
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