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Joyce Harris
Central Illinois, USA
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Bio: I'm an adventurous 60-something that loves to travel the world and explore human consciousness. I love the metaphysical and enjoy helping people
Ryan Schief
Tucson, AZ
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Bio: Here to learn, grow and be better today than I was yesterday.
Jennifer Teramo
Reno/Tahoe, Nevada, USA
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Bio: I am a best selling author, a wife, mother, grandmother, Flight Attendant, Philanthropist, Artist, Teacher, Student, Dancer, Public Speaker &LifeCoach
Taylor Grover
New Hampshire, USA
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Bio: In my HEALING era. Hey y'all I'm Tay... mom, wife, reiki healer, and host of a holistic healing podcast called Sacred Rebels. Very excited to be here!
Dani Trewhela
• Active 193d ago
Bio: I'm an artist and musician. I am also a Certified Reiki Master and an Integrative Health Coach that loves travel.
Marijke Tromp
• Active 12d ago
Bio: I am a holistic lifestyle coach. Interested in inner change en transformation. Currently trying to start my own coaching business while teaching kids.
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Achille Maresca
Traveling around the world is the shortest way to know yourself

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