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Abiodun Alaba
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Bio: I’m a digital marketer who specializes in website design, funnel building and email marketing.
James Sharoon
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Bio: Bada bing bada bong
Jens Van marion
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Bio: .
Kevin Connoly
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Bio: I have a Knack for accidentally becoming the center of attention and enjoying the collision of flavors at the snack bar.
Kevin Robbins
• Active 24d ago
Bio: I’m a single dad wanting to build a business that will enable me to live my life on my terms and give me more freedom and choice to do what I want
Dolapo Sangowawa
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Fired from the UK’s largest online sportswear retailer. Built an email agency to 6 figs in profit in 15 months. Running my agency & travelling the 🌍
Muhammad Huzaifa Maqbool
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Bio: Student
Raven Robichaud
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Bio: Raven robichaud
Christian C. Villalba
Madrid • ISTJ
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Bio: I help small and medium-sized businesses in gaining visibility and revenue through targeted marketing and sales strategies and solutions.
Brajesh Kumar
New Delhi, IN
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Bio: Hello there, I'm new here and I worked with a couple of companies as a Facebook ads manager
Elizabeth Phelps
Fargo, North Dakota • INTJ
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Bio: Always learning, always doing.
Kasper Sivertsen
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Bio: .
Kalei Poteat
Houston, TX
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James Humphrey
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Bio: Advantage Marketing Pros - More Customers More Sales
Kiro Gendy
New York
• Active 20h ago
Bio: “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” ― Albert Einstein
Eric Kavelaars
Dubai/Cape Town
• Active 9d ago
Bio: Automations King, Bandscending and Chad Scaling. @eric on IG
Matthias Siwy
• Active 117d ago
Bio: Berlin | CEO of nocodeapes: Expert in NoCode solutions & digital transformation. Focuses on process optimization & AI integration
Rafael Martins
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Abdulrahman Salem
Egypt • ENTJ
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Bio: 18
Federico Picci
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Bio: On a self-improvement journey. Started some time ago and I'm more ready than ever to get the best from this year.
Franek Winko
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Bio: warsaw PL
Ellie Hoke
Richmond, Virginia, USA • ENTJ
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Bio: 17y/o Web Design Agency Owner I make websites for young entrepreneurs, DM with inquiries
Dominik Woźny
• Active 4d ago
Bio: 20 years old. Been doing self improvement for some time now.
Brian Ahmadi-Tabatabaie
• Active 123d ago
Bio: I am a Marketing company Business owner and I am looking to Expand my social circle and my companies business..
Lance Amy
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Bio: .
Adam Ali
• Active 113d ago
Bio: “My unmatched perspicacity coupled with my sheer indefatigability makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”
Tom Morin
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Bio: Full time closer Helping marketing agencies & coaches to convert their leads into dedicated clients. Speaking English, French & Spanish.
Dave Kang
• Active 35d ago
Bio: Marketer, entrepreneur, consultant
Mike Sommer
• Active 21d ago
Bio: CIO & Salesforce Architect: Driving digital innovation with AI for agility and automation, ensuring scalable tech integration.
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Abby Tomlinson
Owner of the Day Care agency and mum of 3

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