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Bio: Us Based Entrepreneur, I'm Founder of Scalz Media.
Eric Curtis
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Bio: Here to learn the ways of the Wise.
Dustin Salinas
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Jose Lara
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Bio: Photographer
Bhavinkumar Patel
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Bio: New to youtube and ready to rock
Denise McKinney
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Bio: I'm listening to a podcast called the White Vault as I fill this out. I'm not sure what else to put here so, check out the podcast.
Joe Faia
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Bio: Husband of one and father of three!
John Baize
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Bio: want to learn new skills to make more money
Michael Streuber
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Bio: Webdesign und WordPress Spezialist - Interessiert an neuen Kontakten, besonders zum Thema KI:
Andrea Grigsby
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Bio: I am a Neurofacia bodywork Specialist for chronic pain. I have been practicing in North Dakota for 15 years. I am an educator for advanced bodywork.
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Bio: Will come back to this..
Eric Curtis
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Bio: Not sure...I like tacos...
Sue Kohn-Taylor
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Bio: Mental Fitness, Wellbeing & Self Leadership Specialist
Gary Flater
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Bio: Husband ,Father, Papa
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