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Abdelaziz Bourihane
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Bio: i spend half my time reading the other half wrting, i shit and pee with a book in my hands k a bit extreme but you get the point am a Copywriter
Utsav Koul
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Bio: I am good at coding
Becca Young
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Bio: Finding purpose after the Matrix :)
April Pettengill
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Bio: Life is a Paradise in progress With God as my Mentor I get the scenic view. Truth is freedom and really is a beautiful thing! Kindness is love be real
Kimberly Godin
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Bio: Podcaster, wanderer, search for divinity, writer, producer, editor, painter, crotchet, designer, gardener, foodie, lover of dogs
Sandeepa Athukorala
sri lanka
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Bio: Chill vibes & big dreams. 18 & leveling up life. 🍁🇱🇰
Navdeep Bassan
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Bio: Humble beginnings
Mattie Conklin
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Bio: Mom of two cheerleaders, passionate about fitness, hair, and makeup. Sharing moments to inspire and connect. Let's uplift and motivate each other!
Phoebe Jane Barrett
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Bio: UK & Destination Wedding Photographer
Tanya Matlashevska
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Markus Jähnig
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Bio: I'm a freelancer working in the field of public relations. I believe in true spiritual growth. We're here to learn and heal.
Paramita Ghosh
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Bio: Namaste I am Paramita. Just browsing to help and heal
Gayathri S
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Bio: Gayathri
Nataly Micheli
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Bio: -
Sandra Barret
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Bio: I am an Art Teacher and a Teacher of German Language. I love to garden and I am interested in all things metaphysics.
Vincent Hu
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Bio: Yea
Laura Tatiana Cortes Quiroga
Bio: I am leaving in Brasil and looking forward to get focus and not been dominate by my emotions
John Ryan
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Caleb Patrick
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Bio: Just a human, being.
Camilla Flink
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Bio: I’m 48 years old and live in sweden
Jules Harper
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Tommaso Gioia
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Bio: Tommaso
Danika Fournier
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Bio: I am BEE-YOU-TIFUL just the way I am 🐝💛🖤
Garrett Lentz
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Bio: I am a biologist who also has a PhD in food studies. I wish to enlighten others on the connections between philosophy, the environment, and health.
Michael Hlavac
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Bio: Empath, humanitarian, interstellar traveller. Likes:the sounds of rain + car tires on gravel. Journey (video game)
Johnson Karimi
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Bio: Just me living the best life...
Daniella Sapir
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Bio: Empath, second phase in life
Harinadh Jakka
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Bio: Trying to be a better me
Marie Josee Beaudoin
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Bio: Im 51 years old a mother of 5 wonderfuls kids who are age from 28 to 16 4 boys and 1 daughter,i became widow at 37 and manage my life getting out !!!!
Lynzie Bellisle
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Aaron Doughty
I make Youtube videos, run live events/retreats and help people go full time doing what they love in the spirituality/metaphysical niche.

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Joined Jan 17, 2022
Austin, Texas
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