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Thank you for checking out the 1% Club. This online community is for professionals who have a desire to expand their positive impact with their work and improve the overall quality of their lives. This includes
  • Being in excellent health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually;
  • Developing and maintaining valuable relationships based on trust, love and support;
  • Acquiring and growing assets and creating the financial freedom to live the life of their dreams;
  • Feeling respected and valued in the communities they serve with their unique qualities;
  • Developing and fully expressing their unique selves.
We believe in the power of continuous improvement and are open to sharing and learning with others. Transforming deeply held beliefs and unconscious habits is very difficult. Having a community of support and accountability significantly increases the likelihood of successful change.
If this resonates with you, then I invite you to click the 'join group' button below and apply for membership.
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The 1% Club
Public group
Group for leaders who want to expand their positive impact and the overall quality of their lives. They have a drive for lifelong learning and growth.
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