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A simple 4-step exercise to establish credibility
When you propose and pitch work for clients (through referrals, cold outreach, and even when you draft up proposals for brands that want to work with you)... you'll want to craft a short "credibility statement". Lots of creators are missing this in their email outreach... so I figured I'd share a simple exercise that can be helpful if you struggle with this or just want to up your game! The goal is to establish your credibility by highlighting your past successes, expertise, or unique qualifications. This helps to build trust and shows the recipient that you're capable of delivering on your promises. Here's how you do that: 1️⃣ Reflect on Your Past Successes: Think back on your career and identify three instances where you achieved significant results, had successful collaborations, or demonstrated relevant skills or experience. These could be projects you completed, goals you achieved, or problems you solved. They should be relevant to the service you're offering in your cold emails. 2️⃣ Describe Each Success: For each instance, write a brief description that includes the following details: What was the project or task? What role did you play? What was the outcome or result? How did this benefit the company or client? 3️⃣ Craft Your Credibility Statement: Now, take these descriptions and craft a paragraph that establishes your credibility. This should be concise and focused, highlighting your achievements and experience in a way that's relevant to the recipient. Remember, the goal is not to brag but to demonstrate that you have the skills and experience necessary to provide value to the recipient. Your credibility statement should make the recipient feel confident in your ability to deliver on your offer. 4️⃣ Review and Refine: Finally, review your credibility statement. Is it clear and concise? Does it highlight your most relevant achievements? Does it demonstrate your ability to provide value? If not, refine it until it does. 👇👇👇👇 Let's go step-by-step with a fictitious example of Jane Doe; a social media creator in the fitness niche.
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Start here!
We first launched Willa back in 2020 to help creators and freelancers win more business and spend more time doing what they love. Today, more than 50,000+ creators and freelancers have joined Willa. We've set up the community for THREE reasons: 1. Host valuable content and insights – all in a single space. 💡 2. Help you connect with like-minded peers. 🤝 3. Get DIRECT feedback from our awesome users to build the best product in the world. 🔧 We'll be sharing content and insights in posts and more organized and categorized in the 'Classroom' tab at the top left of this page and in posts. To kick things off, create a post over in "Introductions" and let us know... - Your name - Where you are from - What you do - ... your goals and what you're excited about right now - A link to your channel (but see house rules). See you in the comments! == HOUSE RULES: #1. Collaboration over competition. 🤝💪 #2. Introduce yourself in the comments below and/or over at 'Introductions'... but keep the self-promotion and link sharing to a minimum. 🙅‍♂️📣 #3. Be bold... yet compassionate. Fearless... but kind. 🦁❤️ #4. No bullies. == – Aron Levin, founder @ Willa 👨‍💼✨
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Creator Snapshots on My Top 100 Show
I’d love to feature some creators on your creator and or entrepreneur journey on my show! I have 3 opportunities & the first is an easy 2-7 min segment audio on “How You CREATEIT” and form! Comment below if interested & I’ll message you!
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where are my contacts
It has now been 3 days waiting for my contact exports and still none. I have paid for 7 months and it seems this entire site is failing to deliver on its promises.
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Is this site turning into a scam?
not only is opportunities extremely slow to load, I am still waiting for my downloaded contacts for many days. I have now downloaded again and am still waiting. It seems like a waste to have a subscription and not get any contacts.
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