What High-Ticket Buyers Really Want
I just got off zoom with an amazing guy who scaled his insurance agency to 10s of millions of dollars with a simple webinar.
He told me he needed help structuring his new ultra high ticket course.
So I rolled up my sleeves and we got to work.
One of the biggest shifts that was the answer to this one question: "What Do High Ticket Buyers Really Want?"
Too many people think if they create a course that sells for 5k or more, then they need to justify the price by adding MORE STUFF inside their program.
They will add more content, more modules, more books, more hoops to jump through, and even do crazy stuff like making their program twice as long... YIKES!
But here is what High Ticket buyers really want:
RESULTS... and they want the result like it was yesterday.
So if your thinking about designing a premium high ticket course then just focus on providing exactly what the client needs to get the result in the quickest amount of time.
Here is the formula: What are 3-5 key moves my [Avatar] has to make to get [Result].
JUST give your clients what they need to get the RESULT.
Make it simple.
Do this one thing first, then do this second thing, then do this last thing, and you will get the result.
Simple scales, complexity fails... and high ticket buyers do not want complexity.
Have you identified the 3-5 key moves your clients need to make to get results? If so what are they?
Austin Ford
What High-Ticket Buyers Really Want
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