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High-Ticket Course With No Coaching component?
There’s a plethora of courses selling at $1,495 and $1,995. Have seen a few $2,495 courses that sell extremely well; for example at least one course by Amy Porterfield, Is it feasible to sell a course with NO coaching component, and no DFY or DWY component, at a price point of $5k or $10k or higher?
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Uploading Videos To The Speaker BITS Library
Ready to take your events to the NEXT LEVEL? Here is a little behind the scenes of what I'm working on adding this week to Virtual Event Skool.
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Easy Impact-Driven Payday Roadmap
We are adding MORE examples of every virtual event we did (5-Day Challenges & 1 Day Super-Workshops) inside the new Virtual Event Accelerator that did minimum 6-figures on their first event. I'm excited to share REAL LIFE strategies, offers, funnel structure, and event outlines that made our clients successful with our new students. Here is everything we will be diving into to build and launch your virtual event in 30 days or less using our proven 5-Step Virtual Event System Framework. 🔥 Phase #1: Planning your event 🔥 1️⃣ Avatar Clarity - We will get clarity on who you serve and how you help them. 2️⃣ Signature Process - We are going to help you create your unique signature process that embodies your expertise and uniquely positions you in the market. 3️⃣ Transformational Shift - In this module, learn to guide participants from a limiting 'Starting Identity' to an empowering 'New Identity,' using personal stories and addressing objections for a compelling shift during your event. 4️⃣ Ascension Offer - We will show you how to structure your offer for the maximum amount of impact. time leverage, and scalability. 5️⃣ Event Decisions - In this module we are going to finally make all the important decisions and information about your event. We will define the event name, the promise, choose a date, and clarify your ticket stack. 6️⃣ Event Outline - Here we will do the preliminary outline for your event. 🔥 Phase #2: Build Your Event Funnel 🔥 1️⃣ Blueprints - We will show you exactly how to run a 5-day Challenge or 1 Day Super-Workshop. The blueprints include a clear roadmap for funnel structure, copy, emails, SMS, and timestamped on exactly when to do everything. 2️⃣ Copywriting - We will guide you, give templates, AI scripts, and show you real examples of how to write compelling copy for your event even if you are not a seasoned copywriter. 3️⃣ Funnels & Systems - Get our exact templates, automation setup, and snapshots to run 6-figure events. 🔥 Phase #3: Fill Your Event 🔥
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Are Challenges Dead?
Hell freaking no they ain't. In fact we are breaking down Jeremy Miner's 5-Day "Crush Your Commissions" Challenge 🔥🔥🔥 This challenge is expected to do a badonka-donk of new cash flow for his company. And I'm here to break it all down for you. "But Austin I'm not a big fish like..." *insert fish slap* 🐟 It don't matter. Everything I'm breaking down for you is based on principles I've already taught in Virtual Event Skool. Authority, Reciprocity, Trust, Social Proof, ect... And the best part is most events I've done that were super successful have had an average of 60 people in attendance. So you too can do this. So before I get to it... What questions can I answer for you as we go through this behemoth of a challenge?
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