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My Challenge (or opportunity?)
I had this question posted on X a few days ago. It started an interesting discussion. What is what we are really selling? Design isn't it. Flimsy, a Canva job today. Branding is washed out. GenAI is still seen a dubious. I feel I'm in the midst of some major transition, I just can't read the signs yet. My challenge: How can I combine (and present) my passion for both brand development and Generative AI as way to promote and support innovation? It's almost like the two brain hemispheres. Branding wants to cover the left side, while GenAI and Design leans heavily on the right (not that I always like things on the right). Is there a contradiction or a blend of two forces? Tell me. Below a few samples of recent AI explorations. I'm more and more passionate about this shit
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My Challenge (or opportunity?)
Weekly Challenge
This week is about the community. I want to understand how I can serve you better. Let's imagine I turn this community into a membership 1. What would you need from this group so you would happily pay 50 EUR's a months? Do I have plans to do this? Not necessarily, but I want you to tell me what you'd need from me to invest 50 EUR a month in yourself. Looking forward t your answers :)
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Weekly Challenge: The Value of (Creativity)
How do you know you create value for your clients? Do you even know what "value" means to them? Can you express it? Today I want you to explain to me the value you bring to the table for your clients. Here are the rules: 1. It needs to be in a business context. Helping to make brands "look good" is not enough. You need to explain what the value of "looking good" is. 2. I can not be more then 3 sentences. 3. If you need a formula, use this: Problem, Solution, Benefits Looking forward to your posts.
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Hello Everyone, I'm a motion designer seeking growth!
Hello! I’m Adam, a motion designer, and creative director. I’m excited to be a part of this community, thank you Marko! My story (short version!) I’ve been a freelancer motion designer for something like 90% of my almost 15-year career. For the last few years, my work has been brand and product focused on consumer goods, consumer electronics and tech. Having reached a point of burnout with freelancing on-site I retreated to remote work and more recently took a long-term contract. Now that it's ended I'm looking for direct clients and to level-up! My plan is to work directly with consumer brands, working with their in-house teams as a creative-motion specialists. Someone who can help them put their message in motion and build out a team to produce and deliver. I'm currently redesigning my website with case studies to show the value of my work. As far as clients go I feel like I’m back on the ground floor. I never really had trouble finding work as a freelancer, I probably didn't try as hard as I should have but I was relatively successful. Going for direct clients feels different… My question for the community is how and who should I be selling to in order to avoid being stuck in the survival level of “the creative game”? Thanks for any help or feedback you can provide!
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