We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. —Aristotle.
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I'm an MBA student, with two years experience in the IT field.
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I’m a NY transplant living in South Florida. I’m a mom, wife and business owner. Im learning how to relax a bit and live more in the present.
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meditator, gardener, vegan, composter, reader,
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Experienced professional with a strong background in financial analysis, portfolio management, and market research within the investment industry
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Lisa is a versatile professional, serving as a Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Real Estate Professional and a passionate explorer of life!
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My name is Nick, I own a carpentry business in Calgary, Alberta.
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Live/Grow Gracefully, Embody Joy, Inspire Growth and Empower with Love.
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Small child in a big world
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GymBro on the outside, cheesy on the inside
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Looking within
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Fellow traveler.
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Always curious
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Cape Town, South Africa
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I'm Joseph O.
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Fellow traveler, long-time temple-goer.
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Tampa, Florida
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Father of 4 Real estate developer, manager and investor Driven for Christ consciousness
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Life fulfillment expert for women entrepreneurs
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My husband and I moved to Alachua to immerse ourselves with The Temple of the Universe. I love fitness, nature, and growing spirituality.❤️🙏
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Hi all, looking to continually uncover the peace I know is within me.
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Designer & marketer in Alachua, FL
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I am a consultant focused on learning and leadership. I am interested in just about everything!
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Some say, I am untethered.
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Student of life with a goal of remembering my wholeness in each moment.
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Happy to be here
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School Psychologist, Yoga Instructor, Lover of God/Universe
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