Self-lead your way through conflict using self-awareness, the key to emotional intelligence.
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Virtual Assistant
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Hi 👋 I’m Salina - your LinkedIn Business Strategist. I help Entrepreneurs create follow-worthy personal brand + convert connections into clients.
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Miami, Florida
A product manager with a solid background in Client Service Management and Business Development Design thinking is best problem-solving tool!
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I am a financial services industry expert, looking to connect and learn more from this beautiful community.
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I am Bilhah a seasoned insurance and customer experience expert,team leader that drives revenue through strategic collaboration.
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Lagos, Nigeria
I am an ambitious leader who is open to learning and growing in all aspects of my life
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Finance professional in the Non-profit industry.
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I’m a leader in the sustainability field, passionate about fighting climate change and lifting other women.
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Santiago, Chile
Coming soon...
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I am a Human Resources and Organisational Development Practitioner working in the NGO sector, looking to grow professionally.
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A Fraud and Risk Professional
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Nairobi, Kenya
My 90-day goal: Set up a blueprint and groundwork to launch my agency.
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Am Jenny, am here to Learn,develop myself to Achieve Great things in life
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Naomi, a professional banker experienced in Finance and Compliance. Currently on a mission to improve my leadership skills
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Florence Mwiine- Banker with BOA (Uganda) A customer service enthusiast. Excited to be part of the BOSS Movement.
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Kampala Uganda
Electrical Engineer with 6 years experience in Transmission and distribution of electricity in a utility setting
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I'm bold, dependable and committed to making a difference fueled by my passion in providing sustainable energy solutions and climate action for Africa
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An experienced professional & a Senior Consultant at Salient Advisory. I hold a Master’s from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
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Evelyn Osiime is an accomplished expert in IT project management with over 10 years of experience in delivering over 20 products to a utility company.
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Edna Kimenju is a sustainability professional with over 7 years of experience providing support on sustainability best practices to organizations.
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I'm a Research Scientist working on Neglected Tropical Diseases
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Kenyan | Humanitarian | Public sector partnerships
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My name is Nancy and I am a corporate health tech professional and entrepreneur who is driven by a passion for equity and inclusion.
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Mother and Professional wanting to build financial freedom and provide wealth to my daughter and sister!
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Brand Advisor
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Wifey, mom, business leader. On the road to a 7 figure company. I stand by the 5 F's; Faith - Family - Finance - Fitness - Fulfillment
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