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In 2015, as I embarked on the 11+ journey for my children, I yearned for a supportive community.
This led me to start a Facebook group for advice and shared experiences.
I had no idea this act would unite thousands, eventually becoming a guiding light for parents and children.
Today, I'm proud to lead 'The 11 Plus Journey' Facebook Group, which has grown to over 16K Parents and Caregivers.
I've guided my children into prestigious institutions and watched my eldest start his journey at Cambridge University.
Our journey focuses on understanding the entire 11+ process, mastering essentials, and fostering a successful mindset.
This program's heart is about empowering YOU to guide your children with a holistic strategy.
If you're seeking academic-specific advice, while I may not offer that directly, I can help point you towards an expert who can.
So, are you ready to delve deep and provide your child with a unique edge in their 11+ journey?
Let's embark on this transformative adventure together.
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The 11 Plus Journey OS
A hub for parents and caregivers in the UK navigating the 11+ exams. Access advice, resources, and our exclusive 11+ journey course for parents.
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