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New Morning Meditation for Quitting Sugar
Hey Gang, Check out this meditation that you can use every morning during your journey to sugar freedom! A little hint on how to use this: When you wake up, if you need to use the bathroom do that quickly with no lights and no interactions. Then jump back into your warm bed and turn on the meditation. "Bed Meditation - Bed Med". It's that important time between sleep and wakefulness where your mind is VERY susceptible to these suggestions. ENJOY! Mike
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Welcome! (START HERE - Please Read 👀 )
I am SO excited to welcome you to our brand new group. This is going to be the #1 most active and engaged group for sugar addiction & sugar detox support! Here's EXACTLY what to do next... Step #1: Introduce yourself HERE. Step #2: Read below to find out how to get the most out of this group! 1. The ‘Community’ Tab is where you post questions, comments, and most importantly… your #WINS! Don’t be afraid to post. The community we’ve built here is the most welcoming and supportive group of folks I’ve ever seen around the topic of sugar! Just promise me that if you are stuck on something, ASK! 🙂 2. The ‘Classroom’ Tab is where you’ll find the 100% free “Last Resort Sugar Detox Video Course” + the Amazon Best-Selling book that goes hand-in-hand with the video course. This course + book will give you a solid understanding of why you may be addicted to sugar AND steps to begin taking back control from sugar starting today! 3. The ‘Calendar’ Tab is where you can join us for our bi-weekly Q&A coaching calls with me personally. Our first group Q&A coaching call will be held on June 5th. Just click on the blue link inside the calendar at the time of any call and join us LIVE on Zoom. And no… you do not have to have your camera on unless you want to. On these calls you can share an experience, ask any questions, or even just listen in (someone may ask a question that you hadn’t even thought about yet)!  4. The ‘Leaderboard’ is where you can unlock special prizes. Every time someone likes your posts or comments, you get a point. For example, you start on Level 1. It takes just 5 points to get to Level 2 (5 LIKES on any posts / comments you do). At Level 2, you unlock our Sugar-Free Recipe book - ReciFree! At level 4, you unlock a free masterclass on how to instantly eliminate any and all sugar cravings… Seriously, this will be a game changer for you when trying to kick any sugar habit regardless of where you’re at along your sugar-free journey 🙂
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30 day videos
Where do I find the 30 day challenge videos that I purchased previously? Thanks!
Join the 30-Day No Sugar Challenge
Hello Everyone, I hope your attempts to quit or reduce sugar are going well! If you feel you might need a little more support please check out our 30-Day Challenge. It's perfect for the people who are really ready to put sugar behind them and to find peace with sugar, sugar cravings, binge eating, weight issues, Type 2 diabetes and more. Just go here and check it out: Talk soon, Mike
Invitation to participate research questionnaire : quitting sugar versus personal development
Hi There, Working on a thesis for Classical Naturopathy (holistic natural approach) I’m seeking for people to help me voluntary by filling out a formular about your experiences at your Sugar Free Journey. If you are interested (or know some else) please let me know your email or messenger address at or at 0031681477229 so it can be addressed to you. It is in format-Word and after you’re ready, please do save the document and send it back to me. For the first round it would be nice if the answers are ready before the end of April 2024. If you’d like to get the results of this research, this can be filled up in the form. Of course, personal dates as name + age will stay anonymous. Perhaps you think maybe you’ll not fit in this research, know that all situations and backgrounds are welcome. Thanks to Mike and VaDonna for allowing me publishing this research-request. If you’ve got questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. See you soon, Kindest regards, Coach Cornelia 🌷🌷 Host, support meeting Sunday 10:30 am pac Host, DTL Sunday 🕛 pm pac
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