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When you enter Stellar Startups, you get access to a community of motivated Web Designers and all the tools to create and launch a successful Web Dev Business in 2024.
We will personally help and guide you alongside the rest of our community to help you build the business of your dreams! Doesn't matter if you are a Pro or a Beginner we will help you!
What You Get Inside:
✅ Weekly E-books $49
✅ Weekly Business Case Studies $99
✅ Access to Stellar Startups Community 99$
✅ Figma + Webflow Masterclass $199
✅ Weekly Networking + Accountability Sessions $299
✅ Web Design Course $299
✅ How to Build a Business Roadmap 399$
✅ Climb the Leaderboard to Win Prizes
✅ Exclusive Access to Monthly Challenges (Prizes Available)
All For FREE (60/100 Spots Taken)
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⏰ Once we change to Pay it will continuously go up until we reach 99$ / mo
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