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WHY YOU? Because you are a dreamer and you KNOW you were meant for more. 🏆
WHY SKIPIDEE? Because Skipidee Do Dah is a happy tune 🎶 to sing while working your ass off towards your big dreams.
Skipidee is designed on 4 foundational principles:
  1. Kaizen - 'kai' meaning CHANGE + 'zen' meaning Good = change for good. 👘 Kaizen is also known as continual micro improvements.
  2. Mindset Matters - your mindset is the basis for your reality. What you believe is what you get.
  3. Standard Processes - standardized processes are repeatable and improve-able.
  4. We lift as we climb. Community!
WHY NOW? Because, I’m here to help you with solid tools and processes. And because, you'll get all this free:
  • D.A.R.E Masterclass FREE 🔥 (Value $697)
  • Learn the Science Behind Setting Goals that Work
  • Learn How to Become Mission Driven, Write Your Manifesto 📜
  • Learn the Principles of Shadow Work and Use it to Uncover or Strengthen Your Purpose
  • Be around like minded individuals
  • Be held accountable
  • And much more...
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Got Dreams? Skipidee: hardass help for badass dreamers. The place to develop your Vision, Mission, Dreams and Goals - get support and resources.
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