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Coaches & Course Creators: Create Your Own Transformational Journals, Planners, & Other Hybrid Stationery Products To Sell On Amazon
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What you'll learn:
✅ Proven ways to leverage a journal, planner, or other stationary product to grow your personal brand and coaching business with and without Amazon
✅ How to create a product you’re passionate about AND make it truly transformational
✅ Find out what type of transformative journals, planners & stationery products sell well
✅ Understand the 5 success pillars that helped me to grow a 7-figure journal brand
✅ Watch me conduct live market research: See how I am using our trend report to find market gaps and proven products in under 10 minutes
✅ Get the full idea to launch the roadmap
What you'll get:
🎁 Idea Validation Checklist
🎁 Product Type Cheat Sheet
🎁 33 Journal & Stationery Niches for Coaches
🎁 Royalties Accelerator Trend Report April
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Learn how to sell journals and stationery products on Amazon. Physical products and print-on-demand.
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