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Congrats on making it here! Drop a brief introduction here in the community! Make sure to bookmark this page in your browser and have fun! Here's an intro about me: My name is Luke Geruson and I have a burning desire to help gamers wake up. My inspiration comes from an intense and ongoing awakening experience that started in college. I hope to support and teach others everything I've learned on my journey. The world is changing fast and we can change too!
Hi everyone my name is Christian and I am a current junior at University. My top interests are working out, socializing with friends, and improving in all aspects of life. I also have interest in meditation/spirituality and I'm looking forward to meeting others with common goals and interests.
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Hello and Intro
Hello Everyone! my name is Ghen Raz and I am currently a senior in college interested in breaking my barriers, pushing my limits, and stimulating my unbounded curiosity everyday. I study Evolutionary Cognitive Science and French and recently got into Buddhist mindfulness / philosophy. Looking forward to going on an amazing self improvement journey with you all !!
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